After completing his acting training in New York, David returned to England in the 1950s. Television was in its infancy then: “I started my career here, as most actors did, in repertory, and then tv in the days when it was all live, and there was only one channel, the BBC.”

David in ‘Danger Man’ 1965

Live television could be a nerve-wracking business for actors who often had to tear from one set to another to make entrances on time. It is difficult to imagine now how basic the technology was then or what pressure it put upon the performers of the day.

David served an apprenticeship in many early tv series such as OSS, Dial 999 and Private Investigator, often taking on specialised character roles where his chameleon like ability to change his voice and appearance served him in good stead.

Later he was also to make a variety of guest appearances in character roles in well known tv shows like Danger Man, The Saint and The Avengers. He also featured in several cult children’s programmes such as Ace of Wands and Timeslip.

Profiles on other websites
(Find more details of David’s tv work by clicking on these links to the following websites:)

Timeslip 1970

A popular science fiction tv series for children. David played a character called Controller 2957. More details of the series and quite a detailed account of David’s career are at the Official Timeslip site.

When The Boat Comes In 1976 – 1981

This landmark drama series starring James Bolam covered events in the thirties and forties including the Spanish Civil War.

David appeared in two of the four series where he demonstrated his versatility by playing two entirely different characters: Kaganov, a Russian Jewish revolutionary, and Morty Black, a Wall Street financier.

So Haunt Me 1992 – 1994

A very popular eighties sit-com starring the late and much missed Miriam Karlin, So Haunt Me was about a family who move into a new house that is haunted by the ghost of Yetta Feldman, a Jewish mother who was abandoned by her daughter (“Carole with an e”) and will haunt the house until she is reunited with her.

David played Mr Bloom, their lugubrious neighbour, a wonderful comic invention who can always be counted on to see the gloomy side of things.

The Accountant 1989

David plays a crooked company chairman in this tv play with Alfred Molina.

Recent Television

Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony January 2005

This Horizon docudrama combined interviews and commentaries by Brian Cox with dramatised scenes about Einstein on his deathbed working on what he hoped would be his greatest work of all – a project that he hoped would unlock the mind of God.

After playing Elgar to critical approval, David’s portrayal of Einstein is equally detailed and convincing.


52 Responses to Television

  • Dan McGaughey says:

    Hi David,

    Could I ask who your agent is?

    Many thanks.

  • Hi David,

    Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I find I can correspond with some of those involved in the television of my youth! How marvellous. You may be pleased to know I wrote this message whilst playing the Cham Cham episode of Thunderbirds in an adjacent media player window.

    I always enjoyed the Parker character, particularly his backstory (a little of which we’re treated to along with the character’s slightly more devious side!) – this is one of my favourite episodes partially because he gets some great comedic moments and solo screen time. Floating to earth on a brolly…!

    It’s great to finally know who the voice behind the on-screen character was; a child of the 80s, I was first introduced to Thunderbirds via BBC2’s repeats in the 90s (watching religiously on a Thursday) and subsequently collecting all the episodes on VHS and, more recently, DVD.

    Anyway, thanks for lending your not inconsiderable voice acting talents to the characters you brought to life on Thunderbirds, Brains was another of my favourite characters! Most probably because he’s a total glasses-wearing nerd, just like me. 😉 I still watch and enjoy Thunderbirds more than twenty years after my first introduction to the programme, and on behalf of all who still enjoy it, many thanks!


  • Philip Cupid says:

    Dear David,

    I echo many of the sentiments noted by other people elsewhere, your talent is so amazing i always loved Thunderbirds and Stingray, Captain Scarlet et al.

    When i was around 4 i got whooping cough and a bit of a fever and i called my mum Lady Penelope and she called me Parker..I wore larger glasses and some called me Brains because I was rather too smart for my own boots. In my heart Hyram Hackenbacker still resides….

    Must find DVD’s for Thunderbirds et al…my daughter who is 5 likes Thunderbirds esp episode 1!!

    Best Wishes for the future,

    Philip Cupid & Family

  • Philip Cupid says:

    Dear David,

    Please forgive me forgot to Wish u a Merry Xmas, and my daughter thinks The Wise Old Elf is very great ..

  • Philip Cupid says:

    Dear David,

    I had previously wrote a large message to you but i don’t know it somehow vanished.
    My childhood memory of Thunderbirds was Parker and when I was ill I kept on saying “Yes Milady” and my mum kept on saying “Yes Parker” for about 5 hrs at least until my fever passed, but my no1 hero was Brains – Hyram Hackenbacker I presume i wore glasses that were fat .
    May you give everyone so much joy Mr Hackenbacker – Merry Xmas, with a prosperous New Year from Philip Cupid and family…

    • david graham says:

      Dear Philip Many thanks for your message and warm words about my work. it gives me great pleasure that I appear to have made many fans during a long career. Best wishes for the festive season to you and your family.


  • Jim Petter says:

    Hi David,

    Lovely to find you have a website. Just wanted to say that I have a great memory of meeting you on the ‘Casualty’ TV set in Bristol several years back. We have a great conversation about the whole Gerry Anderson/THunderbirds years which was great fun. You then recorded a spoof Parker piece to an audio recorder I had, which was very kind of you. Unfortunately I have since lost it which I regret as friends thought it was fantastic. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks! You’re a proper gent!

    All the best
    Jim Petter

    • david graham says:

      Dear Jim Thanks for your message. Last Friday I attended the funeral of Gerry Anderson with whom I had a long and successful working relationship. A sad day. Hope that all is well with you.

      Best wishes David

  • Jessica and jasmine hannah says:

    Hi David, we loved you as grandad pig and the wise old elf.

    From Jessica and jasmine aged 6 and 7

    • david graham says:

      Dear Jessica and Jasmine So glad that you like my voices as grandad pig and the wise old elf.
      You made my day. Happy viewing!

      Best wishes from David Graham

  • John Berry says:

    Dear David,

    If asked, would you consider working on the new Thunderbirds project? I’ve really enjoyed your work, thank you!

    Kind regards,

    John Berry from Blackburn, Lancashire.

    • david graham says:

      Dear John Thanks for your enquiry. I have been asked to work on the new Thunderbirds series and have accepted the offer. Recording begins towards the end of July.

      Best wishes David

  • Pen Turner says:

    Dear David
    You wrote in early June that you would be starting work playing Parker for the new Thunderbirds series in July. Did this take place? Can you tell us anything about the new series (any hint on the stories you were involved in or of members of the cast – I’m intrigued to know who they cast as Lady Penelope).
    I heard once that Elizabeth Sladen held the record for returning to play the same character after 25 years (Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who). now you will hold the record with nearly 50 years in between playing the role of Parker!
    Pen Turner

    • Dear Pen Thanks for your message. There will be a comprehensive announcement to the media before the end of the month when all will be revealed including a quote from me. Thanks for your continued interest in the show and my own contribution.

      Best wishes David

  • Mal Badger says:

    Dear David,
    I absolutely love your work, and find you so wonderfully entertaining and talented. May I ask, is your agent still David Daly Associates? I would dearly love to write to you in the hope of an autograph.
    Kind regards,
    Mal Badger,
    RAF Odiham

    • david graham says:

      Dear Mel Thanks for your very kind comments on my efforts to entertain. Much appreciated.I am no longer with David Daly. If you send me your address I will take care of the autograph and send a picture.

      Thanks and best wishes David Graham

  • Alex Gillett says:

    Dear David,
    I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, and I began to watch the reboot series in 2005. I have yet to watch a fair amount of the classic episodes, but the ones I have seen are absolutely brilliant. I watched City of Death and Daleks Master Plan of Earth and I really enjoyed them [as I thought I would :)], yet The Gunslingers is an episode I’m still to watch.

    I just read above that you are no longer with David Daly Associates, which is a shame because I would have loved your autograph.

    Alex Gillett – Age 21.


    Hi David I Have Watched Thunderbirds Since The Early Nineties & I Have Been A Member Of Fanderson Since 1994 Your Voice Actinf Has Been Totally FAB Keep Up The Good Work

    Oh Just One Question David The New Series Of Thunderbirds Are Go! There Are 26 Episodes
    How Many Episodes Do You Feature In As Parker With The Lovely Rosamund Pike As Lady Penelope?

    Kind Regards
    Andrew Hamilton Baird

    • david graham says:

      Dear Andrew Many thanks for your kind remarks regarding my work. I am not sure how many episodes I feature in in the new series. At a guess I’d say about half. The new series will be shown in the Spring of 2015.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Daniel White says:

    Dear David,
    Being from the US and a child in the 1960s I remember ‘Thunderbirds’ and the other ‘Anderson’ programmes fondly. The Saint and the Avengers were also carried over here. How interesting that you were able to recreate the voice of your ‘Parker’ character so many years later. Sorry I won’t be able to see the first run of the new series on TV here in the states. Hopefully it will make it to DVD eventually.
    All my best, Danny.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Danny Many thanks for your message and your interest in my work. Work on the new series of Thunderbirds is reaching its conclusion. I hope that it will be sold to the states and that you will be able to watch it. Technically, although the format will be the same. it will be made in CGI and will look very different from the original.

      With best wishes David

  • Good Morning David Graham,

    For many years I Have been a great fan of yours since 1972 when I was eight years and I Had my 50th Birthday last month and best remembered as The Famous Voices in Four Feather Falls,as Doctor Beaker & Zarin in Gerry Anderson’s Supercar,Professor Matt Matic,Lt Ninety & Zoonie in Fireball XL5,The Other Voices in Stingray,Parker,Yus my Lady in Thunderbirds.

    TV Shows when you appeared The Saint,Danger Man,The Avengers and The Great British Movie Crossroads To Crime in 1960 is The Great Original British Black & White Film.

    Once again David,you are a great actor & famous voice artist from Four Feather Falls,Supercar,Fireball XL5,Stingray,Thunderbirds to Crossroads To Crime,The Saint,Danger Man & The Avengers.

    Keep up the good work David & well done.

    Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

  • Dear David Graham,

    For many years I Have been a great fan of yours since 1972 to the present day and The Great famous voice artist for Gerry Anderson’s Four Feather Falls,Supercar,Fireball XL5,Stingray,Thunderbirds and when you appeared on TV Shows including The Saint,Danger Man,The Avengers and The British Movies since The late Fifties & The Early Sixties such as Danger Within & Crossroads To Crime are the great British Films.

    Once Again David,you are a great actor & the famous voice artist from Four Feather Falls,Supercar,Fireball XL5,Stingray,Thunderbirds to The Saint,Danger Man,The Avengers to Crossroads To Crime to Danger Within.

    Keep up The Good Work David & Well Done indeed.

    Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

  • Nick Gray says:

    Great to see you on the One Show the other night. I have been a fan of yours since the sixties with Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds. I also enjoyed your work in The Avengers, The Saint and Danger Man and I also remember you in When The Boat Comes In. The Daleks in Dr Who were so original when they first appeared. I shall watch the new Thunderbirds and it is great to know that you will be in it, how could you not be! Congratulations on your great career and here’s to many more fascinating characters.

  • Grace and Violet Jones says:

    Dear Mr Graham

    We love the wise old elf and think you are brilliant! Would you be able to send us an autograph please?

    Thank you

    Grace and Violet.

    Ps Merry Christmas

  • Bill Norman says:

    Hello David
    What a wonderful website you have. I have found out loads of things I never knew about your career – the Superman radio for instance!
    As someone who read and remembered TV credits as a child you were, quite simply, one of the cornerstones of my childhood and I just want to say thank you. I just watched Filmed in Supermarionation on the blu ray of a Day in the Life of a Space General last night and decided to see if you had a web presence.

    I made a point to look out for your name on programmes when I was a child – not just the Anderson stuff but of course with the also great Peter Hawkins as the definitive Dalek voices – Nicholas Briggs isn’t in the same league . I loved in particular that crossover piece of work you did where there was a Century 21 audio mini album of the last four episodes of the Dr Who story the Chase .You narrated brilliantly and of course you were one of the Daleks . I still have the disc though sadly it’s a bit battered and sleeveless now.

    I had completely forgotten about you in the brilliant Ace of Wands – I am going to look that up

    One of my favourites though was the magnificently prescient Timeslip and you were perfect in that – I have the DVD set and I’m running to the last series at the moment

    And, as an adult, I loved the criminally underrated So Haunt Me and I keep asking for a box set release.

    The news that you will be the bridge between the old and the new TB is so exciting. You must do a feature on the website though I appreciate everything will be locked down at the moment.

    Sir, thank you again – you are one of the greats – and you know , you may have never had the starring roles or the status of an Olivier or a Gielgud but they could only dream of millions of kids saying “You will be annihilated “ or “Gee Mr Tracy “ in schoolyards and homes across the country
    Bill Norman

    • david graham says:

      Dear Bill Thanks for your warm message of praise for my efforts to entertain. You are an absolute mine of information about my work. I am still going strong. It might interest you to know that I was a member of the great Olivier’s company as a member of The National Theatre of Great Britain and appeared in a play with him. I recently finished recording a new series of Thunderbirds which will go on air next Spring. Peter Hawking was a friend and is sadly missed. I recently worked for Nick Briggs recording a Dr Who story. Happy New Year.
      Best wishes David

  • Graham Hewitt says:

    Hi David
    I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find your website and have read it with great interest. I now intend to try to view other examples of your work.

    I found out a few months ago about the new Thunderbird project, this rekindled my interest and I am a little embarrassed to say I have been watching the original DVD Box set. This bought back many fond memories of the original series, rushing my paper round so that I could be back at home to watch it on TV (No video recorders in those days 🙂 )..

    I am looking forward to the new CGI version, yes I know it won’t be the same but it will be interesting to see an up to date interpretation.

    I wonder if it would be possible to obtain a signed photograph from such an icon from my childhood. If so please drop me an email with details

    Many thanks for your contribution to many happy childhood memories..


  • Max Bender says:

    Hi David,
    As a child I enjoyed both the early William Hartnell “Dr Who” episodes featuring your voice work for the Daleks and also the Gerry Anderson “Thunderbirds” characters of Parker and Brains. My own children revisited “Thunderbirds” again in the 90s and now our friend’s grandchildren enjoy your work on “Pepe Pig” and the new series of “Thunderbirds”. Thank you for bringing such pleasure to three generations! I would be delighted to have a signed photo to show them, if that is possible.

    Max Bender

    46 Rushfield
    Potters Bar
    EN6 3HJ

    • david graham says:

      Dear Max Many thanks for your kind message. I am pleased to have given pleasure to generations of your family. It makes it all worthwhile. I understand that another batch of the Peppa Pig series is in the pipeline. Am sending a signed pic for the family.

      Best Wishes David

      • Max Bender says:

        Hi David,

        Thank you for the two signed photos that you sent us which arrived yesterday. I am pleased to read that you are involved in further voice work for Peppa Pig and another series of Thunderbirds as Parker.

        best wishes,

  • David says:

    Dear Mr Graham,
    I watched the new Thunderbirds show recently with my sons and wanted to tell you of a comment they made about it (not knowing you were involved):

    Son: SO glad they it right Dad
    Me: Got what right ?
    Son: Parker’s voice

    Thanks David.

  • Graham Hewitt says:

    Hi David
    I am a little bemused and wonder if you could confirm that you actually received my post, you appear to have answered two posting after mine

    Not sure if I like the new voice of Brains, bring back the old brains


  • Allan Coutts says:

    So yeah that happened…Hi David thought id check your website out and say and what an honour and a privilege it was to assist and advise you today when you called Sky, I was the Sky advisor you spoke with and im glad I was of some small service to you and we got your tv up and running again. It really means a lot know that i was speaking to the man that voices Parker and Brains from Thunderbirds, a tv show i grew up loving as a small kid in the late 60’s & early 70’s. Parker was always and still is one of my favourite creations from Gerry Anderson so it was a real treat chatting with you, keep up the good work and I wish you all the sucess for the new Thunderbirds.

  • Peter Conroy says:

    As a grandfather who, with his grandsons, loves ‘Peppa Pig’ &, especially, ‘Ben & Holly’, I thank you for your superb voice-work, &, when a younger personal viewer, your earlier excellent acting contributions to many iconic TV programmes! Keep on the great work!!

  • Chris Cox says:

    Good Afternoon Mr. Graham,
    I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. I grew up watching shows you have been endeared to my whole life and now I have started my daughter on them as well. I noticed that you were going to appear at a Showmasters event in Bournemouth, but then it had you as cancelled on the webpage. Are you planning on appearing at any other shows in the UK ?
    Thank you.
    My Very Best Wishes,

  • mali sharpe says:

    hello there Mr Graham, I was wondering if I would be-able to send you my copy of the original thunderbirds on DVD for you to sign and send back to me? how much would you charge for this may I ask? I am a fantastic fan of your work and like many I have grown up with a strong love of thunderbirds. thank you for your time

  • Hi David,

    I do hope you are well. I’m a huge fan of yours especially Timeslip, I wonder if it would ever be continued?

    It’s a huge boost to a struggling actor such as myself to know that long and varied careers can still be maintained!

    I wish you all the very best, and do hope you can grant me an autograph to adorn my Cwtch!

    Best wishes,

    Simon Michael – Morgan

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Simon Thanks for your warm message regarding my work. Timeslip was a long time ago. I am still active mainly in voice work Thunderbirds Are Go and Peppa Pig. Best of luck with you acting career.

      Best wishes David Graham


    Hi David

    Has Jamie Anderson Contacted You Yet With The Offer Of A New Voice Character On His New Show Firestorm I Think That You Would Be Perfect For An Inventor Or Professor Type Role On The Ocean Storm Ship’s Crew Or Something Like That

    Have a Lovely Christmas & A Happy New Year David To Yourself & Yours

  • David Robertson says:

    Dear David,
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a wonderful part of my childhood. As a young boy growing up in Melbourne, Thunderbirds was the highlight of my week. Thunderbirds’ powerful narrative of people selflessly helping others in distress resonated strongly with me. It was the most incredible program All the very best with your future endeavours,

  • David Graham says:

    Dear David Many thanks for your message and warm appreciation of my work on
    Thunderbirds. There is a third series of the new series on the cards.

    Best wishes David

  • tomasz says:

    My name is Tomasz. I collect photos with autographs of great people.
    My dream is having your photos with autographs.
    So Please send me your photos with autographs on my address.

    My address

    Tomasz Zygmunt
    ul. Powstancow Wielkopolskich 54/10
    70-130 Szczecin

    Thanks for all


  • David Graham says:

    Dear Tomasz Thanks for your message. I will send you a photograph in the near future. Thanks for your interest in my career.

    Best wishes David Graham

  • Kostas says:

    Hello I’m Gerry Anderson’s fan and of course “Thunderbirds” God bless your lovely soul!!!
    But there is a little problem… Can’t find those videos “Back in 10” and “The End” could you fix them please?
    Love from Greece

  • I wish you well. I love(d) your work.My earliest remembrance is “Dr .Beaker” in “Supercar” …And now my Grandchildren hear your voice on the new “Thunderbirds.” I hope you are well through these difficult times….My fun is to imitate your Parker voice while answering the phone.
    My very Best wishes to you.God bless you
    Derek Browell NE30 (Retired teacher) P.S. I enjoyed watching the clips are this site)

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