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One For Sorrow

One for Sorrow

Three minute thriller from the mind of Steve Jamison. Plug in your headphones and go full volume, the sound fx courtesy of Pindrop are really something special.

Never one to shy away from challenges (his first short was a futuristic fairytale, his second set underwater, in another language and featuring a 12yr old non-actor) Steve thought it’d be a good idea to write several animals into his third short film. ‘Oh great’ said Producer Adam, then tasked with finding an acting dog and performing magpie, ‘Where’s the next one going to be set, the moon?’ Now there’s an idea…


Back in 10 (2008)


Directed by Barney and Lucy Heywood, Cast includes: David Graham (Old man), Ben Kirkwood (Boy)

A mundane trip to a DIY shop throws up an unexpected dilemma for seven-year-old Isaac when an old man offers to buy him an ice cream. Isaac should be waiting in the car and he knows that ice cream makes him hyperactive, but will that be enough to make him say no, or does this chance encounter encourage him to try a little taste of freedom?


The End (2009)

Directed by Barney and Lucy Heywood, Cast includes: David Graham (Ernest), Adil Javed (Amir)

Ernest Samson is trapped by a rare condition that causes him to speak in a foreign accent. Alienated by his fellow elderly residents, he finds the familiar landscape of home has been altered and his precious memories corrupted. His saviour comes in the unlikely form of Amir, a young Muslim care worker who reveals an unexpected affinity with Ernest’s situation and offers him a key to the peace he so desires.