Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom are the latest in a pedigree line of television programmes for children where David has been involved as a voiceover artist, supplying the voices for characters that are destined to become much loved by  a new generation of children.

Peppa Pig, where David voices the character of Grandpa Pig, is already a brand name worth £95 million pounds with record viewing figures on both sides of the Atlantic. Ben and Holly (David plays The Wise Old Elf) is from the same stable and seems set to follow Peppa in the popularity stakes.

Not for the first time, David makes a valuable contribution to a winning formula . . .


80 Responses to Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

  • Farhad Khatibi says:

    Hi David,

    One of the reasons I watch these 2 great programs (Peppa Pig & Ben and Holly; other than the fact that my 2 year old daughter love them) is to hear your voice. I just love it. God bless.


    Farhad Khatibi

  • david graham says:

    Dear Farhad Thanks so much for your very kind comment regarding my work on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. It makes it all worth while that your daughter gets such pleasure hearing my voice. I record one other voice on Ben and Holly a greedy Gnome. Happy viewing and listening.

    Best wishes David

  • david graham says:

    Dear Farhad thanks for you kind comments regarding my work on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. It makes it all worthwhile that your daughter gets so much pleasure hearing my voice. I do one other voice on Ben and Holly a greedy Gnome. Happy viewing and listening.

    Best wishes David

  • david graham says:

    Dear Farhad Many thanks for your kind comments about my work on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. It makes it all worthwhile that your daughter gets so much pleasure in hearing my voice. I do one other voice on Ben and Holly a greedy Gnome. Happy viewing and listening.

    Best wishes David

  • david graham says:

    Dear Farhid Many thanks for your kind comments on my work in Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. It makes it all worth while that you daughter gets so much pleasure in hearing my voice. I do one other voice on Ben and Holly a greedy Gnome. Happy viewing and listening.

    Best wishes David

  • Farhad Khatibi says:

    Hello David,
    Sorry to get back to you so late. I have been so busy on my work. Thank you so much for your kind reply. To be honest, I am trilled. I definitely show all these to my daughter one day that she would realize her dad has been in contact (on her behal of course) with such a gentleman. By the way I love the work you have done on the “Greedy Gnome” as well.
    Just a quick question, do you have any plan in the future to have a public show so we can see you. My daughter would love this.
    God bless, Merry Christmass and Happy New Year to you and your prosperous family.

    Sincerely Yours,


    • david graham says:

      Dear Farhad Sorry for the late reply to your message of December 15th. I may be appearing at an event in London on the 7th July and will let you know in due course.

      Best wishes David

  • mary and holly says:

    Me and my sister love the wise old elf (and my dad looks like granpa pig looks like my daddy)

  • Suzie Pay says:

    After watching with as much interest as my 3 year old although I prefer ben and holly but shhhh dont tell anyone as im 45 lol. I had to find out who had the rich voice of the wise old, as many say im like nanny plum I wanted to see her nemesis lol, and what a lovely surprise it was. I truely hope you will continue to entertain so many for many years to come. Much love from someone who is old enough to know better lol, suzie xxxxx

    • david graham says:

      Dear Suzie Many thanks for your charming and complimentary message which I much appreciated. I am fortunate in being given the opportunity to create such lovely characters. You may have watched in the past the Thunderbirds series in which I created the voices of Parker and Brains. Well they are going to make another series in which they have asked me to participate. It is due to go on air in 2015. I am pleased about that. Happy viewing ditto your three year old.
      Very best wishes David

  • Sophie says:

    Hi I’m 11 and my brother is 3 and my mum is 38 and we all love Ben and Holly’s little kingdom and peppa pig. Me and my mum watch it without my brother! I don’t tell my friends though! I love the wise old elves statements and actions. I have watched all of the episodes of Ben and holly about 10 times each! I can’t tell you how much I laugh when the wise old elf starts speaking, even if it isn’t funny! I think your work is very clever and unique and you inspired me to stay a child for a few more years. Also will you be doing any more episodes of Ben and holly? I hope you do. From Sophie xx

    • david graham says:

      Hello Sophie I was glad to receive your charming message and am delighted that you like my character the Wise Old Elf in Ben and Holly. I love to entertain children so stay as you are and I will try and amuse you for quite a bit longer. There are more episodes of Ben and Holly on the way probably in the autumn so watch out. So thanks again for your message which I shall treasure. Please give my best wishes to your Mum and lots to you too.

      From David and the Wise Old Elf

  • Sophie says:

    Hi again thank you so much for answering, the wonderful message will be with me forever! I am so lucky to have discovered Ben and holly. Thanks again and I will look foreward to new episodes, especially with you in it! From Sophie xx

  • Victoria Oddell says:

    I had to search and find you to express how fantastic my whole family think you are. Having a 16 month old son who loves Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig, my husband and I soon noticed your amazing voice overs. Can I point out that we are now avid watchers, this includes…..

    Nathan 16 months (son)
    Matthew 14 years. (son)
    Victoria 38 (mum)
    Steven 43(dad)
    Roy 76 (grandad)
    Margaret (nanny)

    It’s so lovely to see the person behind the voices and my most favourite bit is when you are annoyed with Nanny Plum and accentuate her name!

    Kind regards

    Victoria Oddell (mummy!)

    • david graham says:

      Dear Victoria Odell and Family I am almost reeling from your unstinting praise of my efforts to delight and entertain. Messages such as yours make it all worthwhile. There are more episodes in the pipeline for you to gorge on. I have just returned from giving an interview for a documentary about the Thunderbird series in which I voiced Parker and Brains etc. So I work on with the aim of giving families like yourselves pleasure. Glad you like my Pe Lummy voice.
      Very best wishes to you and all the Family

  • Sophie says:

    Hi it’s Sophie again can I also just mention (that I forgot to in my first message) that you have an amazing gift, and have watched another 7 episodes of ben and holly after school today!
    I’m sorry I have sent this quite late and to bother you, I just wanted to share this message with you. Also, your first message has motivated me to do the best I can do in my assessment week coming up before I go to high school. Thanks again,
    From Sophie xx

  • Victoria Oddell says:

    Thank you for replying, slightly star struck now! What a thoughtful person you are to respond. I will remember this for a very long time. I keep laughing to myself in disbelief! And yes I will be letting all my mummy friends know! Watching all your episodes now are going to be that bit more extra special x

    In Awe


  • Emma Welborn says:

    Dear David

    Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful Grandpa Pig and the Wise Old Elf.

    I watch with my 2 year old daughter Ruby and she loves Grandpa Pig, the Wise Old Elf
    Is my favourite……..! I love the way he speaks to Nanny Plum, very funny.

    Thank you again you are very talented.

    Love Emma and Ruby x

    • david graham says:

      Dear Emma and Ruby Thanks a million for the lovely compliments on my work. It warms the heart to receive messages such as yours.

      Love from David Grandpa Pig and the Wise Old Elf

  • sarah hashim says:

    Hi David

    Just a big thank you for the wonderful voice overs for Peppa pig and ben & Holly (which i admit is my favourite!) My 3 year old loves watching them, and i love the script and banter between nanny plum and the wise old elf. Brilliant…the voices make it so enjoyable and watchable……long may they continue :0)
    All the best xx

    • david graham says:

      Dear Sarah Thanks a lot for your warm message of praise of my work. It makes it all worth while. Also for my perf’ as Einstein. I’m glad it did the great man justice. We have just completed another series of Ben and Holly so more joy on the way I hope. Did you ever watch Thunderbirds because we are doing another series soon?

      Best wishes David

  • Jose says:

    Hi David.

    Do you happen to know whether the producers behind Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly have a new series in production? I have tried looking for this info to no avail.

    Many thanks for your great contribution on our daugther’s favourite shows!

    Kind regards.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Jose I have no definite news on this front. They have just completed another series of Ben and Holly which will be going out soon. If I hear of anything I will be in touch. Thanks also for your kind remarks on my efforts.

      Best wishes David

  • rehmat says:

    Hi graham

    I really like your voice. And you are really talented. But do you mind if I ask to use my name in one of your dialoges. I have watched every episode but I wonder when will my name apear. Let me know for more info.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Rehmat Thanks for your message and kind remarks about my work. Regarding the use of your name I do not write the scripts so it is something that I have no control over.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Scott Johnston says:

    Hi there,

    Just to say it’s not only my kids Damien, Cailtin and Holly that love you. I’m 31 and my artner Natalie is 32 and we think the Wise old Elf rocks!

    Keep up the good work Graham.

    Kind regards,


  • Rose Rush says:

    Dear David,

    just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful voice on Peppa Pig and Little Kingdom. My little boy and I (Charlie, 3 1/2) sit down together every day to watch them. We both love the Wise Old Elf, and Charlie often stomps around the house declaring “Magic Always Leads To Trouble!”. (As one does.) I have also seen a whole room of boys stop in mid-horseplay and watch avidly when they heard Peppa come on. You have many fans out here in Melbourne!

    Thank you again, and I hope there’ll be many more series of both shows to come!

    Best wishes,
    — Rose (Mummy) and Charlie

    • david graham says:

      Dear Rose and Charlie Messages like yours make the actors life a pleasure. Ben and Holly has just won an Emmy award in New York and last week i recorded a Peppa Pig special so it should be winging your way at some point. I am also recording a new series of Thunderbirds which is due for transmission in 2015. I do the voice of Parker. Many years ago I was in Melbourne with our National Theatre. Fond memories.

      Best to you and Charlie

      • Rose Rush says:

        Dear David,
        many congratulations on the Emmy for Ben and Holly, we’re so pleased for you all! Charlie and I will look forward to the Peppa Pig special, and Thunderbirds next year. I have to say that Thunderbirds used to make me anxious when I watched it the first time round, when I was little, but I’m sure that Charlie will love it; and we both love the Ben and Holly version, Elf Rescue!

        Thanks again for your time in kindly answering my email, and for your wonderful talent.

        All the best,
        — Rose and Charlie

  • It is always good to be young at heart. Being not youngest any more I still love the wonderful stories of Ben and Holy and for sure Peppa Pig. My generation did not have a childhood or youth as to the war. Now being retired I have the time and the possibility to re-live the lost past and nothing is more refreshing than being childlike again. A very famous lady friend of mine always said it is good not to be childish but childlike. I love the Wise Old Elf and also Grandpa Pig especially for the superb voice-overs. Thank you for warming my heart.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Prof Land I have never been praised by a real live Professor before which makes it all the more welcome. As one who also lived through the war and a difficult youth I am so thankful that through my life as an actor I am able to bring pleasure and restore the lost innocence of childhood. Last week I attended a Thunderbirds event in memory of its creator Gerry Anderson. I worked on the original series and am now recording a second series. I am grateful that after a long career I am still able to deliver work of a high standard. I will endeavour to continue warming your stout heart.

      Best wishes David

  • Laura and kamryn says:

    Dear David
    When I searched to see who was the voice of grandpa pig I was not disappointed! You do a fantastic job in peppa pig and as the wise old elf! My nephews had often spoken about how funny your characters were, but it wasn’t until I’ve had my own little girl Kamryn, that I sat down and watched the programmes myself. They are brilliant and make me and my family laugh at every appearance! My nephews Joel,wesley and zak have asked me to say hello from them too.
    All the best pal

    • david graham says:

      Dear Laura and kamryn plus nephews. It was nice to receive your kind words about my work on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. it makes it all worthwhile to know how much one’s work is appreciated. Ben and Holly recently won an Emmy Award in New York in the children’s section and I have just finished recording a Peppa Pig special.

      Very best wishes to all David

  • rehmat says:

    Oh thanks for your comment. Can I ask if you were to tell your director or your boss or someone would they even let you, because all my friends laugh at me when I commented on your website they thought you never would reply and answer my wish. But I would love to see my friends face now if I let them know that you have reply to me and hopefully done my wish.

    Thanks, kind regards Rehmat

  • Rehmat says:

    Well while waiting for your comment I would like to say fair enough you don’t have control over the script. But may you tell your director to do so. You see I have no face to face communication with you and your group. But my only wish and hope for the future is for my name to be used in one of them episodes. I would treasure it for my life!

    Thanks, rehmat

  • nicola white says:

    Hi david
    My little boys is 3 and loves peppa pig and ben and holly, he would watch them all day if he could, i love the wise old elf he makes me laugh too. Keep up the good work:)

    • david graham says:

      Dear Nicola Nice to receive your praise for my work on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. I am fortunate to be given such nice characters to voice. Tell your little boy that the Wise Old Elf sends good wishes.

  • Jessica Thomas says:

    Hi David!
    Just a massive thank you! My 18 month old son Ben just loves Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. I must admit I’m addicted too!
    Thank you for giving my son an enjoyable experience to his start in life!!

  • Gary rice says:

    David I have just seen The One Show and was delighted to see a man that entertained me as a child as the voice of Parker, and the discovers your voice is mesmerising my 3yr old daughter as voices in peppa pig and Ben and holly. So pleased that The makers of the new Thunderbirds have given the role to you! Congratulations sir!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Gary Many thanks for your kind message and delighted you are admirer of my efforts to entertain especially your three year old.

      They are bringing back Thunderbirds next Spring and I am reprising my role of Parker

      Dear Gary, Many thanks for your message and glad that you have enjoyed my work over the years. Pleased that your three year old likes Peppa and Ben and Holly.

      Best wishes david Graham

  • karen imamshah says:

    Hi David ,

    My 3 yr old son adores peppa pig which he views on cable tv here in Trinidad and Tobago ben and holly is not on cable /tv at all.
    However whilst looking at peppa on you tube my little star discovered ben and holly and was immediately taken by it ,i’m guessing it’s due to the same voices .

    I also love both shows ,in fact he calls me mummy plum (told him its nanny several times ) and heINSISTS THAT HE IS THE WISW OLD ELF ,tried to convince him to be ben elf but didn’t work .
    Love the toys but they are not available here in the Caribbean so I order them on line ,infact my son is the only child I know who is aware of the little kingdom ,I think your marketing team has to promote your magic in the Caribbean . All the kids here love peppa pig .

    Thank you for providing a bit of magic in our lives .

    • david graham says:

      Dear Karen Many thanks for your very kind message. One of the joys of being an actor is being able to bring pleasure to other peoples lives in the fractured world we live in. I am lucky to be able to continue to do this I hope for many years to come. Especially in the Caribbean!

      Best wishes David

  • Trish reeves says:

    Hello wise old elf, I hope you’ll get a moment to read my email between filling out your elf tax return for the many jobs you do, you must be in the elf super tax bracket!!
    you brighten my day with your elf persona and I always laugh when you stamp your foot and get a twitchy eye when dealing with nanny plum!!
    I hope your elf blood pressure can survive many years of her antics, as I look forward to many more episodes,
    best wishes,
    PS stay clear of jelly floods

    • david graham says:

      Dear Trish A belated reply to your nice message. The Wise Old Elf has a very good accountant whom I pay in Elf currency. Worth every Elf penny. Am busy with another series on Thunderbirds Are Go. Hope not too taxing!

      Best wishes David

  • Jonathan fenech adami says:

    Hi David, i watch Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig regularly with my 3 year old son. Your voice as the wise old elf and grandpa pig are simply fantastic. I simply love the wise old elf especially when nanny plum annoys him. Congratulations and thank you.


    • david graham says:

      Dear Jonathan Thanks for your kind remarks on my efforts on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. There are some more Peppa Pig’s in the pipeline.

      Best wishes David

  • Daniel Winsbury says:

    Dear David,

    My son absolutely loves Ben and Holly! Your voice as Wise Old Elf is brilliant and his relationship with Nanny Plum has him in fits of giggles. Do you knowif there are any more episodes of the show in production, please?

    Best Wishes.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Daniel Many thanks for your message and your son’s pleasure in my work as the voice of the Wise Old Elf. I do not know of any plans to make another series despite it’s popularity but understand that there are plans to bring back Peppa Pig.

      Best wishes to you and your son David

  • james says:

    Ever thought of doing a crossover world episode between ur 2 shows.

  • Su says:

    Dear David,

    In a seeming wealth of irritating TV programmes with squeaky voices, Ben and Holly, but particularly your roles, have been a calming oasis of gentle but not overly saccharine moments. I’m now due my second child in a couple of weeks and so have used this a a way to snatch a 10min relax at intervals during the day. The fact my son’s Gramps looks just like the Wise Old Elf is just a bonus. I love your voice and the life you breath into a fantastic, and surprisingly multitalented, character.

    Thanks for not retiring!

  • Mary says:

    Dear David,
    I’m a fan of Ben and Holly, in particular Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf since starting to watch it with my son who likes Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. I think my mother and I enjoy it more than he does! Like a previous poster, I hope there are new episodes of both soon. I even had a dream of going to meet the Wise Old Elf and being star struck! I think I may watch it a little too much;)

    • david graham says:

      Dear Mary A belated reply yo your kind message. There are loads more Peppa Pig’s in the pipeline. No more Ben and Holly as yet but am hoping. Happy new year to you all!


  • April from across the pond says:

    Dear Mister Graham… I was delighted today to turn on the tv and hear your magical voice on Ben and Holly
    I knew immediately it was you ( and Grandpa Pig) as well.
    How wonderful!! Thanks for brightening my daughter, Ava’s, as well as my day.
    What great characters you get to play and instill your cheeky voice to… I love it. Many well wishes to you.

    • david graham says:

      Dear April from across the pond. Only just picked up your message and so pleased that you enjoy my voice work and Ava too. Happy New Year from me and Grandpa Pig and the Wise Old Elf. Lots more Peppa Pig’s in the pipeline.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Sharon Ponsonby says:

    Good Evening Wise Old Elf,

    We, the Ponsonby family: (Dad Neil, Mum Sharon, Ben aged 13 and George aged 7) hope all the elves and fairies have had a very Merry Christmas. We hope the elves managed to make all of the toys in time for a Christmas delivery! We do love it when you tell Nanny Plum off! We absolutely adore Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and we always watch them as a family – we even record them if one of us isn’t able to watch!! I love the fact that you entertained Neil and I as children with your fantastically brilliant Parker and Brains, and you are now entertaining our children!! Please keep up the greatness, we adore you!!!

    Love from

    Sharon, Neil, Ben and George Ponsonby x x x x

  • david graham says:

    Dear Sharon, Neil, Ben and George Ponsonby Your very heartwarming message was a pleasure to read today. I consider myself lucky to have been given some golden opportunities to display my talents and to entertain and amuse people in this fractured world and when one receives plaudits such as yours it makes it all worthwhile and some. May I wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

    Love David and The Wise Old Elf and all at the Kingdom

  • Tim Huish says:

    Dear Wise Old Thesbian, my wife and I being grand parents have a great excuse to watch Ben and Hollies Little Kindom. It is our favourite comedy program of the week. Even though our 3 year old Grand daughter loves it I am sure the incredibly clever jokes and polished character voice overs give us oldies far more pleasure !! Thank you for our fine work alongside other great characters. I am sure the wise Old Elf likes Nanny Plum really ! the dog like ladybird cracks me up !!

    Tim, Zofia and Katarzyna Huish 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • david graham says:

      Dear Tim Zofia and Katarzyna Many thanks for your warm praise for my efforts to entertain. It makes it all worth while. As regards Nanny Plum there’s nothing like a damson! Keep watching and enjoying.

      Best wishes to you all David Thespian

  • sharon fountain says:

    Hi David! Absolutely love Ben and Holly. My grandson is addicted to it and so am I ! Just one question…having watched all the episodes in series 1 and 2 at least twice (i told you we were addicts), are there any plans for a series 3? Much love from Sharon and Mikey x

    • david graham says:

      Dear Sharon and Mikey So glad to hear that you both are fans of Ben and Holly. I hope but am not aware at the moment of any plans for a third series. However they are making 52 more episodes of Peppa Pig in which I voice Grandpa Pig. Also planned are a third series of Thunderbirds Are Go in which I am the voice of Parker and the odd guest voice.

      Love David Graham

  • Stephen puff says:

    Ben and Holly is my daughter’s number one pick out of all her favorite shows. She is 21 months old so she loves to immitate your voice and your lines. I,ll ask her if she is my little fairy princess and she will reply “no! I’m elf. I don’t do magic”. When I give her a wandlike toy she tries to blow into it like a horn. Guess we are both wise old elf fans. I’m glad my daughter likes your show, becaue it is wittier than other programs, with characters that are very well fleshed out and likeable.

  • Monika says:

    Dear Wise Old Elf,
    my grandson is 9 years old and disabled. He can’t speak but understands everything going round perfectly. Now he loves Ben an Hollys Little Kingdom that much that he started looking the episodes in English language even he couldn’t understand English as he’s from Germany. Meanwhile he gasps really a lot.
    As Christmas is coming soon he put only ONE wish on his list: he desperatly longs for series 3 from his beloved Ben and Holly stories. I hope so much for good news that we can tell him there will come a series 3???
    Love to you all in Magic Kingdom ♥♥♥

  • david graham says:

    Dear Monika Thanks you for your message and I am particularly pleased that I have been able to give pleasure too your grandson who has to cope with many difficulties in his life. I wish that I could say that a 3rd series was planned but alas I cannot but will let you know if it happens. May I wish you and your grandson a Very Happy Christmas. The fact that he loves my work has made my day.
    From David and all at the Magic Kingdom

  • Jamie Doyle says:

    dear david id just like to say keep up the good work, !!! my son david doyle who 3. has some delayed devolopment issues and really finds it hard to express how he feels. he loves peppa pig but more so ben & Hollly much more, his fav carictors is wise old elf and gready gnome which u voice both of.. and these carictors especially wise old elf really help him express the way he feels and his vocabulary. so for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart. for the joy you give to my childen.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Jamie Your message about your son David regarding my work touched my heart. One of the joys of being actor is that I am able through my work to help your son through his difficulties with expressing himself and helping to fulfil him I am also fulfilling myself. Your message will remain with me for sometime and I thank you for it.

      With best wishes to you and David David

  • Natalie Miller says:

    Hi David. Please please please make more ben and holly it is one of the best children’s series out there. My son only watches this and is absolutely obsessed with Gaston. Hugs from your number 1 ben and holly fans!!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Natalie Many thanks for your kind message. Sadly no further series of Ben and Holly are in the pipeline at present. They are making another 117 episodes of Peppa Pig. I will jog the
      producers that there is a big Gaston fan out there dying for more.

      Very best to you and your sone David

  • Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Dear David,
    My name is Daniel, I’m writing to you from Spain, I’m an English teacher and I’m keen on dialectology and phonetics. I watch Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly with my daughter and I use it with my students too, and I’d like to congratulate you on your work. I’m interested in identifying the accents of some of your characters, particularly the Wise Old Elf and Mr. Gnome. Could you please tell me whether they speak in any particular regional accent?
    Thank you so much and best regards,
    Daniel Gonzalez

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Daniel Apologies for the late reply to your kind message regarding my work. I am
      pleased that my work is having a knock on effect. The characters you mention and the accents were dreamed up by myself and have no defined regional accent. The Wise Old Elf
      I would term middle to upper class. I enjoy my work and entertaining in this fractured
      Best wishes David

  • Rebecca Shatz says:

    Dear David –

    Having heard your voice for many years on the various shows with our family – most recently the Peppa Pig show, I watch what the kids watch :-), we were intrigued to find out that we are actually related (my great grandmother Fanny Bell is your aunt, I believe).
    We really love hearing your voice on these shows – you are so talented and absolutely fantastic!

    Wishing you all the best and great health.
    Rebecca and family

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Rebecca and family. I am amazed that you are related to your great grandmother
      Fanny Bell my father’s sister and a dear gentle soul who I vividly remember. Pleased that
      your admire my efforts to entertain. I am still going strong and Peppa Pigging.

      Kind regards David

  • Dear grandpa Pig. My name is Everleigh and I am 3. (My grandpa is typing this for me). I love Peppa Pig. My favorite is grandpa Pig He is like my grandpa. I had a Peppa Pig birthday when I was 2. That is all, time for lunch. I like Miss Rabbit and Nanny Plum. ( my grandpa likes The Acorn Day). Bye.

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Everleigh Grandpa Pig here. Thanks for your letter and very glad that you like me.

      Best wishes to you and your Grandpa.

  • Andy says:

    Dear David,

    Thank you so much for the voicemail today

    You made my daughter Amelie very happy and it was a fantastic gesture

    I am so sorry I didnt get to talk to you personally but keep up the amazing work

  • jonathan bell says:

    Hello david it your cousin Jonathan could you email me your details as I’d like to meet up with you in London Normans SON

  • Graham says:

    Hi David, just wanted to add our family to the long list of fans. My son (also David) has autism and doesn’t really speak yet – he will be 5 in September – but he loves cartoons and Ben & Holly and Peppa in particular. We have the figures and it is no surprise that it is the wise old elf and grandpa pig that are his favourites to carry around and play with, they are great flawed but sincere characters and your voice work does so much to bring them to life. He watches Ben & Holly episodes endlessly (and also carried around a copy of the map from the titles for a good few months), as a result there is not much we don’t know about the little kingdom and what a nice place it is, i can honestly say it’s one of my favourites too aged 35. King Thistle, what a guy. I wonder if you remember doing your wise old elf voice imitating your gnome voice on the golf course (“it mustn’t actually work”), I think I read above there are no plans for any more, a shame, but suppose it would be a struggle to come up with fresh ideas after 100 episodes. Anyway it is great to see you are still in the prime of life in your mid 90s! And still you find time to reply to well wishers. Very glad I dropped in to your site, all the best.

  • Henrique Gondim says:

    Every time I want my son to do something, I try my best to impersonate grandpa Pig, his favorite character ever, and he promptly does whatever task he is asked to do with a big smile on his face. He is three years old, and thanks to Grandpa Pig’s perfect English, he stands out among other toddles with his amazing vocabulary. You are present in our daily lives like a member of our family!

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