Recent Films

One For Sorrow (2011)

The End (2009)

Directed by Barney and Lucy Heywood, Cast includes: David Graham (Ernest), Adil Javed (Amir)

Ernest Samson is trapped by a rare condition that causes him to speak in a foreign accent. Alienated by his fellow elderly residents, he finds the familiar landscape of home has been altered and his precious memories corrupted.  His saviour comes in the unlikely form of Amir, a young Muslim care worker who reveals an unexpected affinity with Ernest’s situation and offers him a key to the peace he so desires.

Back in 10 (2008)

Directed by Barney and Lucy Heywood, Cast includes: David Graham (Old man), Ben Kirkwood (Boy)

A mundane trip to a DIY shop throws up an unexpected dilemma for seven-year-old Isaac when an old man offers to buy him an ice cream. Isaac should be waiting in the car and he knows that ice cream makes him hyperactive, but will that be enough to make him say no, or does this chance encounter encourage him to try a little taste of freedom?

A biblical drama featuring Richard Gere in the name role supported by a cast of veteran British actors. David played Ephraim, a Jewish dignitary. The film was not commercially successful but nevertheless an enjoyable experience.

Apple Macintosh Advert

This seminal Apple advert launched in 1984, and directed by Ridley Scott, was to promote Steve Job’s ‘new’ Macintosh computer and has become an advertising legend. David played Big Brother, the menacing face on the big screen.

Selective Filmography:

2011 One For Sorrow Old Man
2009 The End Ernest Samson
2008 Back in Ten Janis
2007 Weird Science Professor Valentines Park
1985 King David Ephraim
1971 Freelance General
1968 Thunderbird 6 Gordon Tracy, Brains, Parker
1966 Thunderbirds Are GO Gordon Tracy, Brains, Parker
1965 The Pleasure Girls Ist Gambler
1962 K.I.L. 1 Alvero Belda
1960 Crossroads to Crime Johnny



5 Responses to Film

  • pete ayrton says:

    very informative website. The range covered is quite staggering.

  • Michae lBell says:

    I was happy to read into your website and will look out for the theatrical films you starred in.

    All the best to you in the New year,

    By the way does your sister still live in White Plain sN.Y?
    I had the pleasure of meeting her in the late 60s.


  • Steven Raison says:

    Just watched The Crossroads To Crime DVD. Got in post from Amazon today. Interesting piece of film history. Something for a Gerry Anderson Fan.

  • Ben Kirkwood says:

    Excellent to see your work!

    I was lucky enough to work with David in a short film “Back in Ten”.
    This was 11 years ago!!!

    Amazing actor, taught and inspired me a lot!

    Thank you David.

    Ben xx

  • Kostas says:

    Hello! I’m Gerry Anderson’s fan and I love your voice and of course ” Thunderbirds”! God bless your lovely soul! Could you please fix those videos “Back in ten” and “The End”? Can’t find them…
    Love from Greece!!!

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