David was a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company from 1975 – 1977. He has also taken part in numerous radio broadcasts as a performer and commentator.

During his spell at the BBC David performed with such luminaries as Paul Scofield, Roy Dotrice, Anthony Quayle and John Gielgud in a range of drama productions from classical to modern theatre.

In the late eighties Superman was adapted for BBC Radio 4 and David was involved. Due to the huge success of this and its sequel Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome, the BBC commissioned a six part radio drama The Adventures of Superman.  It would run for two series and have both a cassette and CD release.


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  • Sean Kenyon says:

    Hi David,

    I just wanted to say it was an honour to meet you at Cosford Flights of Fantasy last month. My wife remarked, “What a lovely guy he was.” I had to agree. Thanks again for fulfilling the childhood dream of a 49 year old Grandfather!

    Kind Regards


  • Hello David

    I’m an admirer of your VoiceOver work on the various TV series of Gerry Anderson. I am also a presenter on a community radio station – MarlowFM 97.5, based in Marlow, an area you know (not far from the location of the famous waiter story at Cookham!)

    We are a small station with maximum footprint of 55,000 households, although actual listeners at any one time varies between the hundreds and several thousand. We are also on iPhone apps such as TuneIn Radio and can be heard via Internet on

    I’m planning a tribute to some of Gerry’s work in a show transmitted live between 1200-1400 on Wednesday 9 January. The show is a regular one called the Eclectic Light Show, and features something different each edition.

    It won’t be a detailed analysis or serious tribute, but a fond look at some of Gerry’s TV and film work plus related music.

    I wonder if there is a possibility that you would like to come on air by phone for a chat with me live, to discuss some of your many recollections ? If so, we can schedule this to fit within the overall show times as above.

    We are a community station with no income, and all of us are volunteers, so this is not a fee-related suggestion, of course.

    Please let me know if you’d like to do this. If you would like to do something like this but can’t make that date/time, then we could record in advance for transmission on the 9th, or indeed have a live conversation on a later date on a different programme. Anything is possible.

    And indeed if you’d like to do this live in our Marlow studios rather than by phone, that of course is fine.

    Many thanks for reading this far, and carry on the good work!

    Chris Zaremba

  • Craig Adams says:

    Hello there,

    Craig Adams here. I would like to Enquire if you are free ? To Record some VoiceOvers/Promo’s for Castle Mead Hospital Radio in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

    We are wanting some New Promo’s/Jingles recording because we’ve moved Channel’s on our Bedside Handsets from Channel 6 to Channel 1 & a few to advertise my TIME & SPACE Radio Show which would sound great

    So if you could spare some time to kindly Record – Castle Mead Radio some Jingles & Promo’s for our Voluntary/Charity based Hospital Radio Station

    We are on Facebook & Twitter


  • Lewis Nicholls says:

    How would I look into setting up a radio interview with you please?

  • Kevin Lagden says:

    Dear David
    I’m often referred to as Parker as I drive a Rolls- Royce, alas not a pink one.
    We donate a% of our hire fees to a Cancer charity here on Sunshine Coast Australia.
    Would it be possible to get a “Parker” promo for our business, only a quick snippet. It would help raise awareness and help promote us and our charitable contributions. It could easy be done on the phone and email the recording. I can send the script….

    Thanks so much for considering this

    Kind regards


  • Adrian Sherring says:

    Hi GAraham,
    I met you at the Westminster fair late last year and gave you a mp3 cd of Europe confidential that you voiced from the 50’s I guess have you had a chance to listen to it? and has it bought back any memories for you? hope you did and enjoyed it along with the man in black tales also on the cd.

  • Jay Frederick says:

    Not sure if this is the correct avenue to contact you, but, as I’m sure you’ve heard MILLIONS of times before, I grew up (here in Canada) watching the Gerry Anderson shows that you left your trademark on/in……….I would like to make another trip to the UK in the near future just to be able to invite you to a lunch or dinner and have the pleasure of a lifetime by breaking bread with the Great Brains and Nosey Parker………might I ever be that fortunate?

    You are an AMAZING voice character/actor; I wish that I could be lucky enough to even come close to the tremendous range-timing-multi faceted character performances that you have provided for the ages – unfortunately I don’t think there are enough adjectives in the English language to adequately describe your talents!

    Thank you sir on behalf of myself and my Canadian Fanderson brethren fans that grew up listening to you!


  • Griff Wason says:

    Dear David,

    I just wanted to wish you a wonderfully HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    You are and always will be a HUGE hero of mine and your many, many characters especially in the Gerry Anderson productions: Parker, Brains and ALL the others… you helped make my life SO much better than it might otherwise have been.

    Many, many HAPPY RETURNS

    With ALL my best wishes 🙂


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