David’s facility with voices has undoubtedly been a great asset to him as a performer and helped him especially in his early days.  Today he continues to use that talent; both in children’s television, as he as always done, but also to record audiobooks for the RNIB.

Looking back on a long career, there are many highlights worth mentioning and his role in ‘giving voice’ to certain well-known characters has kept him much in demand at fan conventions.

Gerry Anderson

A lucky break happened for David with the launch of commercial television in Britain. It was about this time that he met Gerry Anderson:

“It all started when I did a live-action tv film at Elstree which Gerry directed. Although he happened to be directing this cops and robbers thing, his background was in the technical side of the business, and I think his mind was very set on puppet film making. When I heard that I pricked up my ears and said: ‘I’m not bad on accents and voices.’ When he got underway he was good enough to contact me and it all started”.

Four Feather Falls, a Granada production, was David’s first collaboration with Gerry Anderson. They were 15 minute children’s programmes featuring cowboy themed puppets. David played ‘Gramps’, a character he based on Hollywood star Walter Brennan.

This lead to a lot more work with Anderson, creating the voices for characters in Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Stingray.

But David is still probably best known amongst Anderson fans for Thunderbirds where he created the voices of ‘Parker’, ‘Brains’, ‘Gordon Tracy’, ‘Kyrano,’ as well as various other occasional characters.

The voice of Parker was based on a real person as David recounts here:

“Gerry took me to a restaurant in Cookham, near the studio in Slough. Gerry had already listened to this waiter and he invited him over. The waiter said: ‘Would you like to see the wine list?’ . . . We elaborated on the voice, but basically it was Parker.”

Dr Who

Another memorable job for David was inventing the voices of those mechanical villains, the Daleks, in Dr Who:

“I originated the Dalek voices for Doctor Who with Peter Hawkins. We went into the studio and created a style for these voices. Then they fed them through an electronic machine. I did quite a few of the early Dalek adventures.”

David worked on the first five Dalek stories but eventually was forced to leave it to Peter Hawkins for a while due to the pressure of other work.


Recent voiceover

Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom are the latest in a pedigree line of television programmes for children where David has been involved as a voiceover artist, supplying the voices for characters that are destined to become much loved by a new generation of children.

Peppa Pig, where David voices the character of Grandpa Pig, is already a brand name worth £95 million pounds with record viewing figures on both sides of the Atlantic. Ben and Holly (David plays The Wise Old Elf) is from the same stable and seems set to follow Peppa in the popularity stakes.

Not for the first time, David makes a valuable contribution to a winning formula . . .



209 Responses to Voiceover

  • David Wachenschwanz says:

    Love this site! The first Gerry Andersen production I ever saw as a kid was SuperCar. Can’t get enough of the Supermarionation shows!

    Kind regards

  • david graham says:

    Dear David Many thanks for your kind remarks about my site and work

    David Graham

  • David Wachenschwanz says:

    Mr Graham, did you voice the character Dr. Horatio Beaker? “Satisfactory. Most satisfactory!”

  • david graham says:


  • Jim Smith says:

    Dear David

    It was an honour to meet you and Matt Zimmerman in 2005 at the fanderson convention in Borehamwood. It was also great to meet Alan Perry and Gerry Anderson as well.
    Are you still in contact with any ot the other members of the production team?


  • david graham says:

    Dear Jim Smith Thanks for your message. I do keep in touch with some of the production team but time is taking its toll.

  • Tony Bolton says:

    Dear David…

    One of those strange unexplainable moments in life. My twins, Bridget n Lewis love Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. Of course I watch them also and being in my late 40s had a sort of Deja Vu moments when Grandpa and Wise old Elf spoke. Upon (some may say sad) investigation I discovered your many other voice overs in particular those in Thunderbirds. Mystery solved.


    • david graham says:

      Dear Tony Glad that your twins are fans of mine. We are at present recording another series of Ben and Holly in which I also play a very greedy Gnome. Very best to you and Bridget and Lewis.
      Davvid Graham

  • Jonny Feest says:

    Just heard you on radio solent… its brought back many happy memories from my childhood. The voice work in Thunderbirds was exceptionally skillful and involving. The converstations between Parker and Penelope legendary. Zimmerman , Rimmer and Graham three of the best voice over artists ever… BRAVO !!

  • Stephen R. says:

    Dear David,
    Heartfelt thanks for all the great voices! I’m most appreciative for the way you portrayed Brains. I remember an instance in ‘Sunprobe’ where Brains said ” I.. don’t think they’re going to make it ” . Just stands out to me amongst the many, MANY, wonderful performances. Best to you now and always,
    Stephen R.

  • Melenie says:

    What a great career you have had! Had no idea that Grandpa Pig and the Wise Old Elf were Parker in a previous existence!

    Just love the humour in Ben & Holly and Peppa Pig. Thank you so much, Grandpa ‘ig!

    All the best,


  • Dear David,
    Good god I am so pleased to have found your website1.Thank you for all the entertainment crown jewels you alone have created. How does a person speak to a legend. i suppose to humbly thank you for your amazing work I have enjoyed all my life.. and now my children enjoy. You sir truly span ages of television legend simply a heart felt thank you and my total admiration for your work
    yours kindly
    Geoff marriott in Norfolk 47 yrs ex Royal Air Force

    • david graham says:

      Dear Geoff I was quite touched by your warm words regarding my career. It is so good to know that my efforts have been appreciated.

      Best wishes david

    • david graham says:

      Dear Geoff So many thanks for your warm words regarding my work down the years. Much appreciated. My main aim has been to entertain and to give pleasure. By the way I am also ex RAF Radar Mechanic. Think i am a better actor though.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Hi David or should I call you “The Wise Old Elf”

    Your voice is awesome, my son and I love watching Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. In particular we love it when the wise old elf shouts “aarrrrgggghhhh”. My 2.5 year old son thinks it’s hilarious. Do you know of anywhere I can get hold of a sound clip of it. I would love to have that set as a ringtone on my mobile phone.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Kindest Regards,

    Alec & Ben Fletcher

    • david graham says:

      Dear Alec and Ben Fletcher Many thanks for your warm words on my voice.

      efforts. Much appreciated. I will try and get a clip of what you need for your mobile phone.

      Best wishes David

  • Jim SMith says:

    Hi David

    Do you ever get asked to do the voices of Gordon Tracy or Kyrano?

    Also have you got any memories of Reg Hill or Chrisitne Glanville?


    • david graham says:

      Dear Jim Just picked up your message. As regards Gordon Tracy and Kyrano I don’t often get asked to do their voices. It’s mainly Parker and Brains.

      I have only good memories of Reg and Christine now sadly left us. Both of them made vital contributions to the series.

      Best David

  • Martin Lee says:

    Dear David

    I’m so delighted to have found your website. Your voice is amazingly distinctive, so much so that for me, it’s the voice of Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Thunderbirds. I know you have done so much more but I would like you to know that yours is the voice of my boyhood and means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

    Best Wishes


  • david graham says:

    Dear Martin Many thanks for your message and kind words about my work. I shall be attending a Thunderbirds event in November at the RAF Museum in Cosford so the series reverberates down the years. Am working on a series called Ben and Holly at present.

    Best wishes David

  • Annabel says:

    Hello David. I worked as an engineer in the RNIB Talking Book studios in the late 90s, where you regularly, brilliantly recorded books. I now have a little girl and we have started to watch lots of episodes of Peppa Pig (which we both love!) I just had to look up to see if Grandpa Pig was the same David Graham with whom I worked, and am delighted to find that it is and you are still doing great stuff. Lovely to hear you again – thank you and keep at it!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Annabel Not sure if I replied to your message. Delighted to hear that your little girl is enjoying Peppa Pig. Does she watch Ben and Holly too as I play The Wise Old Elf in that.

      Afraid that I am out of favour with the RNIB. However I survive.

      Very best wishes David

  • Eric Smith says:

    Dear David,
    What a pleasure it was to speak to you on BBC Radio Shropshire. You were a delight to talk to, and thank you for all the pleasure you’ve given many of us with your wonderful “voices” over the years.

  • Colin Glover says:

    Hi David,
    Just found this site. Just seen the new Lemsip advert on TV, and what do I hear? Your dulcet tones! Well I think it is. Can you confirm or deny this please? On an unrelated note, can you tell me anything about the new series of Thunderbirds Gerry was talking about on BBC news 24 in 2011, as we’ve heard nothing since.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Colin Thanks for your message. Yes it is my voice on the Lemsip ad. As regards the proposed series of Thunderbirds it didn’t work out. Sadly Gerry is in a nursing home and very poorly. Have a happy festive season.

      Best wishes David

  • Paul Hampson says:

    Hi David,

    Just wanted to say how much myself and my kids enjoy watching Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly, and this is mainly down to the fantastic voiceovers from yourself and others. The Wise Old Elf is our favourite character in any cartoon and you make him so believable. Hope there are many more series to come, keep up the good work!
    Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

    Best wishes,

    • david graham says:

      Dear Paul Many thanks for your warm comments about my work on Peppa and Ben and Holly. The Wise Old Elf is a lovely character to play thanks to the writers. Hopefully there will be more to come. So watch this space. Best wishes to you and the children for the New Year.


  • Colin Glover says:

    So saddened to hear the news about the passing away of Gerry Anderson. Have you been contacted in regards to any tribute programmes that are being produced, and if so, have you any idea of when they were broadcast. Also, what’s your own favourite memory of Gerry?
    Keep up the Voicovers! You are an inspiration!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Colin Thanks for the message. Yes a sad day for me. I have given a number of radio interviews, but as yet I have not heard of any plans for a tribute programme. It is still early days. My favourite memory of Gerry was our first meeting on a television series called Martin Kane. He was directing and was the beginning of a long and fruitful working relationship. He warmly inscribed my copy of his official biography. Have a good 2013.


  • Colin Glover says:

    I meant ‘Will be broadcast’ not were, sorry David.

  • Alexander Kay says:

    Dear David Graham, thank you so much for signing my merchandise and having your photo with me at the West Ham Doctor Who signing. It was so great to finally meet one of the people made my childhood so special through programmes such as Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5, etc.

    I owe it to people like you and Gerry Anderson for inspiring me to work in the Entertainment industry and your fantastic performances have led to my fascination with, and respect for, voice actors who I love working with and talking to.

    Thank you once again, it really was an absolute pleasure.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander Kay

    • david graham says:

      Dear Alexander Thanks very much for your very warm remarks regarding my work and career.I am gratified that I seem to have given a lot pleasure to a lot of people like yourself. if you decide to work in the entertainment field I want to wish you every success. However it is a tough road to follow. Have faith.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Nick Boardman says:

    Dear David, I am big admirer of the television production of the 60’s and 70’s, do you think they have it easy today?

    • david graham says:

      Dear Nick Interested to hear your views and preferences. I was involved then and am involved now with Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom so I have a foot in both worlds fortunately.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Simon Drew says:

    Dear David
    I am so pleased that I have found your website,and that you are obviously well and busy!
    Long time ago…in a studio far far away etc etc
    Take care
    Kind Regards

    • david graham says:

      Dear Simon How nice to hear from you. I hope that you are well. Yes I am still active and in my eighties! Have kept myself in shape and my voice is still flexible. Am a regular in Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. Hope it all lasts. Thanks once again for your message.

      V Best wishes David

  • Mat Smith says:

    Hi David, I have just been listening to you on radio 5 live, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, for your work on Ben and Holly and Pepper pig. I know that your performance as the wise old elf brings me and my son hours of pleasure every weekend.
    Keep up the good work
    Mat and Oliver

    • david graham says:

      Dear Mat and Oliver Many thanks for your kind words and pleased that my acting gives you both pleasure. That is the focus of all my efforts as a performer. Long may it continue.

      Best wishes to you both David

  • Tom Nichol says:

    Dear Mr. Graham:
    Like you, I was deeply saddened to hear, first of Gerry Anderson’s being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and then of his death, only six months after the diagnosis was announced. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of watching Supercar and Fireball XL5, and I am delighted to have the chance to establish contact with one of the creative team that helped Mr. Anderson bring both of those series to life. Those must have been halcyon days, I am sure!

    I am also glad to know that you are continuing to use your abilities to entertain audiences throughout Britain, and through today’s various technologies, around the world! I can only say, as Dr. Horatio Beaker would, “Satisfactory! MOST Satisfactory!” Take care and God bless!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Tom Thanks very much for your very kind message. Gerry’s death is a very sad loss. we had a long working relationship which was important to my career. However his work will live on in the memories of all those multitudes who loved it. Yesterday I attended an event in London and signed pictures of the Thunderbird series and talked to fans which is always rewarding. So thanks and be well.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Simon Drew says:

    Thanks so much for replying.
    So glad you are well and happy

  • Lisa Hudson says:

    Dear David thankyou for all the wonderful characters youv brought us.My three little ones adore grandpa and wise elf.My favorite is wise elf although I’m old enough to know better. I have decided to adopt you as my grandpa as I never knew either of mine. You’ll be perfect. Love and thanks for all your work.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Lisa and little ones Thanks you for your kind and touching message and for my adoption. You may be interested to hear that they are going to bring back the Thunderbirds series from the 1960’s in which I was involved as the voice of Parker and Brains and many others. It is not due to transmit until 2015. I hope that I will still be around.

      Very best wishes Grandpa

  • Dave Penny says:

    Hi David
    First of all you are to Ben and Holly as what Ian Mckellen is to Lord of the Rings.
    I never actually realised that I have heard or seen so much of your Tv/radio appearances
    absolutely loved the Superman radio plays.
    you seem to do some conventions when and where are your next one?
    And just out of curiousity were you approached or are you doing the for the voiceover for the Dr Who special “Adventures in Space and time?

    I have just added you into my living legend list.

    Keep up the great work on Ben and Holly.

    Thanks Dave.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Dave many thanks for your very kind thoughts on my work. I always make every effort to please and messages such as yours make it all worthwhile. As regards conventions I mainly attend those connected with Dr Who and Thunderbirds. I will let you know when the next one is. i have not been approached to do the voice over for the Dr Who special although I hope to attend the 50th anniversary bash later in the year. I shall have a job living up to the living legend label.
      Thanks and best wishes David

  • Guy Jackson says:

    Hello, David, and greetings from a fan from “across the pond”!

    I was born and raised in a small town called Moline in the state of Illinois here in the US. While we received a smattering of UK shows there on occasion – one of my most favorite shows as a young boy was “Fireball XL5” [along with an early Irwin Allen produced show – “Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea”]. Recently – I pulled out my XL5 DVD boxset and listened to your commentary track on one of the episodes. As luck would have it – I really became a fan of “Doctor Who” in the past year and started systematically watching episodes from the start with the First Doctor (William Hartnell). Imagine my surprise when I saw your name as one of the original Dalek voices AND there was no mistaking that voice (similar to Professor Matic) when “Charlie – the bartender” appeared in the First Doctor episode “The Gunfighters” (sorry – I haven’t gotten up to the Tom Baker years yet so I haven’t seen you as “Kerensky”).

    Thank you for all your years of entertaining the world. I wish you well and hope that perhaps – you might be able to travel to Los Angeles sometime for, say, the Gallifrey One convention.


    P.S. “Fireball XL5” was one of the inspirations for me having worked at NASA (the Langley Research Center). I’ve had a long association with science fiction and space and had 2 pieces of equipment on the Space Shuttle and am presently involved with space tourism.

  • david graham says:

    Dear Guy Many thanks for your complimentary and very interesting message. I am proud that in a small way I was the inspiration in your taking up science and working for NASA. Dr Who is a long time ago but is still very popular in this country and around the world. In November they are going to celebrate the 50th anniversary with a special celebratory event in London. I also created some of the famous voices in Thunderbirds. Parker and Brains and they are shortly to start making a new series for transmission in 2015. So I keep going.

    Best wishes David

  • Denise Manning says:

    Hello David
    I have just been watching Ben and Holly with my 3 year old daughter and laughing at the Wise Old Elf and was compelled to put a face to the voice so here I am! Loved finding that you also voiced the Gnome and your earlier work too – I loved Thunderbirds! Your voice is legendary.
    Take care

    • david graham says:

      Dear Denise and three year old daughter. Glad that my voices have down well in the Manning household. It makes it all worthwhile to receive messages such as yours. There may be another series of Thunderbirds on the way. Happy viewing!

      Best wishes David

  • Tim Cooke says:

    Hi David, would you be kind enough please to drop me a brief line via timscribe@btinternet.com so I can discuss a small project with you for a community radio station.
    will explain all by return
    many thanks.
    Tim Cooke

  • Chris Morris says:

    Dear David aka Mr. Hackenbacker,
    I am a huge Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet fan! I have both original series on dvd and love your character “Brains”. Did you do any v/o work on Captain Scarlet? Who is the new “Brains” on the upcoming Thunderbirds series? Keep up the good work! -Chris Morris
    Leesburg, Florida U.S.A.
    P.S.-I have the live-action Thunderbirds movie on dvd & Anthony Edwards does not do you or “Brains” justice!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Chris Many thanks for your kind remarks regarding Thunderbirds. I did not create any voices for Captain Scarlet. Thunderbirds was my swan song for Gerry Anderson. I begin recording the new series in July. I will be reprising Parker but don’t know about Brains at the moment. It is nice after 50 years to be still going strong.

      Thanks and best wishes David

      • Chris Morris says:

        Dear David aka “Nosey Parker”, It’s great that you get to reprise Parker! Here’s hoping you & he get to land your fair share of Parker Haymakers on the evildoers! I’ll pray for you that you get to reprise Brains. Your #1 fan, Chris Morris

  • Hi David
    Were you aware that Parker was born on May 30th 2013?
    Did anyone ask you to commemorate this momentous day?
    I have a full scale studio replica and thought we should have a party?!

  • Griff Wason says:

    Hello David,

    I have only just discovered that you have a website! What can I say? I am so very grateful and indebted to you. Your wonderful work, your astonishingly versatile and amazing voice talent. I have always loved and adored the work of Gerry Anderson and his wonderful team. Your wonderful skill and voice – to me – has become synonymous with the beautifully created and enormously loved characters that you helped to create. Thunderbird’s especially helped me get through a fairly painful and wretched childhood, it helped me go to a place where my illness couldn’t get me. The myriad of voice characters you created are forever etched in my DNA. Simply wonderful work.

    Thank you so much again for everything you have done. My wife and I wish you and your family every health, wealth and happiness for now and forever.

    Best wishes,


    • david graham says:

      Dear Griff I was touched by your very kind letter and unstinting praise of my work. It makes all the effort and occasional setbacks in my hazardous profession worthwhile. Gerry Anderson’s passing was a sad loss. I owe him a great deal. He kept faith with me over a long period. You will pleased to know that they are going to make a new series of Thunderbirds for transmission in 2015 and I shall be reprising my character of Parker which of course I am happy about. It gives me additional pleasure that in some way I enabled you to get over a difficult off your life.
      Very best wishes to you and your family David

  • Edward Staines says:

    Dear David, as the master of the voiceover what advice and tips would you give for anyone wanting to become a voice artist now?
    Kind regards,

    • david graham says:

      Dear Edward Voiceover work is but a branch of the acting profession in which I served a long and sometimes hard apprenticeship. For the former one needs to have a flexible voice and an ear finely attuned to accents and dialects. If you are blessed with any of these attributes then by all means give it ago. However it is tough out there.

      Best wishes David

  • Jackson O'Connor says:

    Dear David,

    I just wanted to say that your voice, via Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, echos through our house at all times of the day. Thank you for your wonderful work, both my little boys (2 and 4 years) are in love with the shows and the characters you voice are favourites.

    Cheers from Australia,
    The O’Connor Household

    • Dear Jackson and the Lads Many thanks for your warm and kind remarks on my efforts on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. It makes it all worthwhile to know that my little customers approve. I went to a party the other week to mark the end of the second series of Ben and Holly so tell the boys that there is more on the way. I toured Australia with The National Theatre Company many years ago.
      Very best wishes David

  • Darren Martin says:

    Hi. My two year old loves Ben and Holly, as do I! Is it possible that you could do a little recorded message for him somehow as Wise Old Elf?? That would be brilliant! Darren

  • Dear Darren As for the recording how could it be done?

    David Graham

  • Laura Horder says:

    Dear Mr Graham,
    Francoise Pascal suggested I get in touch with you. I dated Jeremy Lloyd back in the eighties, and would simply love to see him again. Have you any ideas?
    Lauta Horder

    • Dear Lauta Horder I was a little non plussed by your message. Although I know of Jeremy Lloyd I am not in touch with him. So I do not know how Francoise Pascal thought I could help. She might have confused me with someone else. Sorry not to be of assistance in this matter.
      Best wishes David Graham

  • Dear Mr Graham
    I was wondering could you spare some time to let me interview you over Skype.
    The reason why I’m asking is because I’m interested and I’m sure some of your fans are interested as well in what got you into acting and the roles you have played. I would only ask simple questions such as what got you into acting and what the hardest part of acting is for you. I would also like to ask about what has been your favourite role to play so far, any tips you could give to new voice actors and what do you have planned for in the future.

    Plus if you agree to the interview I would use a clip from one of your performances (if copyright will allow me too) or voice demos as a way to introduce you and if you want you could tell me which clip you would prefer to use and I would use it.

    If you are available for an interview let me know and we could arrange a date for it if you are unavailable for an interview or do not wish to be interviewed let me know and I won’t trouble you again.

    I will attach my channel so you can see the other interviews I have done with this message so you can see how it will be done if you agree. Just so you know it will be completely audio recording, no video recording what so ever.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Michael Morley

    Sorry for posting this interview request here as I did not know of any other way of contacting you.
    Also this will be my show’s 50th episode and it would mean a lot to me if you agreed to come on 🙂

  • Michael Morley says:

    (adding on from my last message)
    Sorry I thought I should attach my link in a separate message as when I posted my request I did not see my link appear in it. So I thought just incase it didn’t go through here it is.
    Again sorry for the second message

  • Colin Glover says:

    Hi David,
    Glad to hear you’re reprising Parker for the new ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’ series, but why didn’t they cast you as Brains again? ‘That’s takin’ a di-habolical liberty Milady! I ‘ope the Rolls – Royce and the craft ‘aven’t changed too much in design Mr Tracy.’

  • Martin Newsome says:

    Hi David,
    Many thanks for your contributions to the entertainment industry. Your voice is legendary. My grandson loves Pepper Pig and Ben and Holly which is watched as often as possible. I too have a fairly flexable voice and quite often get asked to speak wirh my own voice for once as I keep changing accents and impressions. Kind regards, Martin.

  • Poppy and Isla says:

    Hello we are Poppy aged 8 and Isla aged 5 and we really really love watching Ben and Holly. Our favourite characters are Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf. We think it is really funny when they argue and go bright red. Our favouite episode is when they swap jobs for the day and when they got stuck in space playing I spy for ever!
    We also like it when his ears wiggle and he says “Nanny’s doing magic” and gets cross and shouts “Nanny P-lum”.
    You remind us of our grandad who we call Bumper. He is not very tall and he is like a wise old elf too!
    Thankyou for making us laugh every day (and our big brother and sister and mum and dad love it too). You are very wise too. love from Poppy and Isla xxx

    • Dear Poppy and Isla Thank you very much for your jolly nice message. So pleased that you enjoy Ben and Holly. I love giving pleasure to children. That is why I enjoy being an actor. I like your nickname for your grandad and hope that he has a Bumper Christmas and you as well. So best wishes to you brother sister and mum and dad from the Wise Old Elf and David Graham.
      PS I do the voice of the Gnome as well.

  • Keith Stewart says:

    Mr Graham, what a fantastic career you have had and still enjoy! As a boy I loved Supercar but more particularly Fireball XL5 and Steve Zodiac. After every episode my friend and I would rush outside and re-enact it! I enjoyed your work in Thunderbirds and my daughter also caught the Supermarionation fever to the extent she wore out my video with over use! Nowadays, my grand daughter is captivated by Peppa Pig. Deepest thanks from three generations of the Stewart family. F.A.B. David!

    • Dear Keith Many thanks for your very warm remarks on my work and career.I have always tried my utmost to use my gifts to the full and messages like yours make it all worth while. To give pleasure to young and old alike. I am now recording a new series of Thunderbirds to be transmitted in 2015 and hope to do more Peppa Pig as well. I also work on Ben and Holly. Thanks again and may I wish and your family a Very Happy Christmas.

      David Graham

  • Jay Frederick says:

    F.A.B. !! I’m sure you’ve been told MILLIONS of times how amazing and enjoyable it is to have had the pleasure of viewing your work over the years as I grew up……hopefully you aren’t getting tired of it!

    As a member of the Commonwealth (Canada) we “kiddies” grew up on Fireball, Thunderbirds et al and as I got older (and still watch episodes at age 54) have come to appreciate the varied character voices, requisite hard work and talent that you bring to the game.

    I am planning another trip to the UK (hopefully this year) and would welcome the chance to interview you for a local magazine as a freelance writer, but also to have the privilege of conversing with “Lord Parker” over a few pints – my treat of course – next to wanting to be Virgil and fly the big iron of Thunderbird 2, my favourite character was undoubtedly Parker – LOVE the accent!

    Truly a credit to the industry and the to memories of yet another little boy who grew up watching Supermarionation and listening to the dulcet tones of a great voice-over artist!

    Thank God for DVD collections of Gerry Anderson’s series, as well as the compilation of great musical material from Barry Gray.

    I look forward to the chance to meet you soon!

    • Dear Jay Frederick Thanks for your message and thoughts on my work. If you let me know when you will be coming to London I will try and set a time for an interview. By the way I am a half a pint man. I am now recording a new series of Thunderbirds which will be transmitted in 2015.

      Regards David Graham

  • Robin Hill says:

    Dear David,

    It is a real pleasure listening to your voice each morning with my two children, Kayla and Lachla, as we watch Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom here in ABC4kids in Sydney. Thank you for providing a voice to a character who brings a lot of laughs and enjoyment to me (Dad) plus the kids. I realise there is a whole underlying positive message in each episode which is so nice.

    I did want to ask if you had an inspiration for the voice of Wise Old Elf?



    • david graham says:

      Dear Robin Sorry for the delay in replying to your kind message, Pleased that your children enjoy the Wise Old Elf. The series recently won an Emmy Award in New York. As for the inspiration for the character I plucked it out of my imaginative store house.

      Best wishes to you and the children David Graham

  • Josh Connor says:

    dear David,

    Thought you were brilliant in all your roles in Doctor Who. Where you offered or did you audition for any parts in the series? and if asked, would you return to the series to voice a dalek or play a part on screen?



  • Simon says:

    Just found your website….I was a great fan of Thunderbirds during my childhood. Came up with a pretty silly joke the other day re. the Pistorius trial:

    Prosecutor: ‘Now, just supposing Mr Pistorius that you were called Parker and I told you to ‘Go and get the car!’, what would your reply be?’

    Pistorius: ‘Yes, M’lady!’

    All the best David!

  • Dan Cooper says:

    Dear David. I had the great pleasure of meeting you over the weekend at the Andercon event. You very kindly signed a wonderful picture of Parker for me and also a plaster cast bust of Parker. You are a true gentleman and someone I have admired for many years. You fullfilled a childhood dream for me. At 50 years old now I felt like an excited child at the Andercon event and meeting you Sir was the icing on the cake. A true entertainer! Bless you.
    Kindest regards

    • david graham says:

      Dear Dan many thanks for your kind message. It was a pleasure to meet you and sign a couple of things. Am pleased that you enjoyed the Andercon event .

      Best wishes David

  • John White says:

    To Dear David,

    How many joyful moments you have given to so, so many people .. how richly fulfilling for you to know you have given so much happiness to so many …

    Your wise old elf character is so amusing .. this little man constantly frustrated with others .. thinking he is so capable yet often in need of rescue …

    To discover you were once a dalek was a shock .. you are so versatile .. your characterizations are so polished .. complete .. you create whole people with their own personality, foibles, touching ways .. you bring a warmth and humanity to your work .. you enrich our lives .. more than you will ever know …

    Thank you for all you give dear sir .. and bless you.


    • david graham says:

      Dear John I was quite touched to receive your very kind message and to know how much my efforts are appreciated. I am very lucky to be in a profession in which it is possible to entertain and bring such warm feelings to people such as you so eloquently express. I always make every effort to work from the heart and be truthful to my characters. Thanks again for your kind remarks.

      Best wishes David

  • Rose says:

    Hello Wise Old Elf,

    My name is Rose and I love watching Ben and Holly. It is my favourite programme ever! I am allowed to watch a couple of episodes before I go to bed! I have my very own Gaston too, but he is not very good at flying! I also love Peppa Pig too, I have all the DVD’sand sometimes catch my Mummy and Daddy watching them when I have gone to bed! Her hee hee!

    Thank you for being brilliant Wise Old Elf!

    Love Rose, aged 2 yrs and 4months

    • david graham says:

      Hello Rose What a very nice message you sent me. You are a very grown up 2 yrs and 4 months. Glad that you also like Peppa Pig. I also am the voice of the Gnome in Ben and Holly. He is very very greedy! I will think of you when I am next recording and try even harder to be good. Goodbye for now and lots of luck from the Wise Old Elf Grandpa Pig the Gnome and last but not least David.

  • Colin Glover says:

    Hi David,
    Glad to hear you’re reprising Parker for the new ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’ series, but why didn’t they cast you as Brains again? ‘That’s takin’ a di-habolical liberty Milady! I ‘ope the Rolls – Royce and the craft ‘aven’t changed too much in design Mr Tracy.’

  • Gary Flynn says:

    Dear David, just a quick message to say your work over the years is appreciated, you really have played a part in some iconic pieces of work with generations of audiences. My boys love your work on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. I wish you continued health, wealth, happiness and success for many years to come.

    Best wishes, Gary

    • david graham says:

      Dear Gary Very many thanks for your kind remarks about my work. I am delighted to have given your boys such pleasure, which has always been the object of the exercise.

      Best wishes to you all David Graham`

  • Simon Grove says:

    Hi David,
    Just wanted to write a message to thank for your excellent work over the years, as part of my childhood playing Parker and other roles with the Gerry Anderson productions and now my daughter Annabel is enjoying your work as The Wise Old Elf and Grandpa Pig as well as many other characters, to be honest the Ben and Holly cartoons as so well scripted and voiced, they are quite compulsive viewing for us as well.
    Best wishes for your future projects, may there be many,
    Simon 🙂

    • david graham says:

      Dear Simon Thanks for your kind words regarding my efforts to entertain down the years. It is very rewarding to be in a profession whose object is to give pleasure to people. I am at present recording a new series of Thunderbirds in which I am reprising my original role of Parker. It is due for transmission in the Spring of 2015 on ITV. Happy viewing!

      Best wishes to you and Annabel David

  • Ian says:

    Dear David,

    One of the best suprises about having a 3-year old daughter has been how much I can enjoy some childrens television, particularly Ben & Holly or Peppa Pig (though personally, I prefer the former).

    These cartoons, though clearly aimed at children, are something that I can watch for hours with my Amy, enjoying them just as much as her. While much of this is due to the talented writing, your characterisations (& those of Ms. Kennedy) are the stand-out performances, bringing a level of humour that respects children in a way matched by few other contemporary programs. Whether this is to encourage parents to watch & enjoy with their children or to help young minds develop more complex humour is irrelevant, as both are sound aspirations. Thank you for your part in making these wonderful programs happen.

    Incidentally, I have a query. There are several rumours across the internet that Wise Old Elf & Nanny Plumb may have once had a fling! While such an idea is unlikely to be explored in the series, I was curious if the idea held any truth in your interpretation & characterisation of the characters & their relationship?

    • david graham says:

      Dear Ian Many thanks for your warm appreciation of my work on Ben and Holly. It is a combination of excellent scripts and good plots. I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to bring the Wise Old Elf to life. Also to give pleasure to your daughter.

      I am also working on a new series of Thunderbirds reprising my old role of Parker. It is due to screen in the Spring of 2015. I don’t think that the relationship of the WOE with Nanny Plumb is anymore than a comic turn. Best wishes David

  • Thomas Seymour says:

    I’m a huge fan of David Graham’s Dalek voice work! the best voice of the Daleks to date!
    Is there anywhere I could write to for fan mail?

  • Zoe says:

    Dear Graham
    What a lovely website and wonderful to see you actually take the time to respond to people who are great fans of your work.
    I am and clearly have been a fan for many years, Thunderbirds was one of my favourite shows growing up as a girl and now a few years later…Ben and Holly with my Children. Your voice transforms the shows, and I think its clear who I am referring to when it comes up in many of the posts…the great wise old elf!
    He is brilliant. His humour and irritation with Nanny Plum is my favourite. I am often caught laughing out loud at his comments, my favourite episode so far has to be the wise old elf being caught coming to the rescue at the school and ending locked up in the drawer with Nanny Plum!
    I was very excited new Thunderbirds episodes are going to appear.
    I look forward to enjoying your work for many years to come and thank you for sharing your remarkable talent and gift for us all to enjoy as children and with our children.
    Warmest regards

  • david graham says:

    Dear Zoe Your lovely message warmed the cockles of my heart.I am so grateful that I have been able to use my talents to give so much enjoyment and pleasure to kind souls like yourself. You put your heart and soul into the work and hope for the best. Thanks again. The new series of Thunderbirds starts next Spring. It is being shot in CGI. It will be a modified and up to date version of the original but true to it. Hope that all the fans like it. I am reprising Parker. With best wishes to you and the children.

  • nic Williams says:

    My son Mylo is 3 and he loves Ben and holly and peppa pig , I also watch it and my favorite is the wise old elf, I think your an amazing multi talented actor , long may you continue

    • david graham says:

      Dear Nic Thanks so much for your appreciative message. I like your son’s name. It is so nice to know that one’s work is thought highly of. Tell Mylo that Grandpa Pig and The Wise Old Elf sends best wishes and to your good self.

      David Graham

  • Mikhel Sinclair says:

    Can you send me your autograph
    My address is 8 knottingham drive voorhees nj 08043

  • Megan says:

    Mr. Graham…greetings from across the pond! Your characters are our very favorites on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. My littlest one can say all your lines from the episode about Granny Pig’s obnoxious chickens! Thank you for your body of work.

    Best to you this holiday season!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Megan From across the pond. Many thanks for your appreciative message. it is good to know that your children like my voices. May I wish them and yourself a Happy holiday season.

      Sincerely David Graham

  • Mike Stein says:

    Dear David ……. just a kwik note from the states to say how much i enjoyed, and still enjoy to this day, your voice work on the Anderson series, particularly PARKER in The Thunderbirds …..
    I grew up loving this stuff, and continue even now, enjoying watching it as a 52 year old grown up kid ……..

    Here’s to a happy, healthy, and productive year for you and your family in 2015 ………

    God Bless !

    Karmik Mike Stein
    professional Audio Engineer and stagehand

    • david graham says:

      Dear Mike Thanks very much for your kind remarks about my work on the Anderson series. I have just finished recording a new series of Thunderbirds Are Go which will be transmitted next Easter in the UK. I see that you are fellow professional. My best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.

      With best wishes David

  • Pauline says:

    Dear David
    Many thanks for the hours of pleasure you (and the highly talented cast and crew of both Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s) have given my children over the last few years. My husband and I also really enjoy both series which is generally a rare event in children’s tv we have found. My 3 year old son now uses the term “Chickens ride west” to describe either sunrise or sunset. Also I agree that the writers for the Wise Old Elf (and the Gnome) are very clever but your voice and expression is what makes the difference. Thank you for all that you do.
    Our very best regards and Happy New Year
    Gabrielle (6 years) Remy (3 years) and their parents from Australia.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Pauline Many thanks for your kind remarks about my voice work. Much appreciated. Only just received your message. There is a new series of Thunderbirds due out shortly which might be of interest in which i voice Parker,

      Best wishes to you Gabrielle and Remy David Graham

  • Micheal says:

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    of time posting content, but you can save
    it for other tasks, just type in google: kelombur’s favorite tool

  • Matthew says:

    please could you call me asap on
    +44 01472500739

  • Matthew says:

    Dear David please could you call me today on
    +44 01472500739 it would be greatly appreciated

  • Steven Robinson says:

    Dear David,

    Congratulations! Still working and still ‘Parker’ at 90 years on! Looking forward to ‘somehow’ hearing you in the new “Thunderbirds Are Go!”, although (as of this date) the series has yet to land an USA distributor. We’ve not yet seen any pictures of the ‘new’ Parker. Is there anything you’re at liberty to tell us about him? Will he sound and act anything like the 1960s version?

    Best wishes for a successful series!

    Steve R.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Steve Just received your message. It is hoped that the new series of Thunderbirds will be shown in the USA at some point in the future. The Parker voice will be unchanged though the series itself made with CGI and true to the original concept is made to appeal to a modern audience. Hope that you enjoy it when you see it.

      Best wishes david Graham

  • Steven Robinson says:

    Dear David,

    I take it back! I’ve just found a publicity still of the new Parker and Lady Penelope standing together in front of the new Fab 1. Both characters look a bit younger – Parker now has blacker hair with streaks of gray, but the face is spot-on! The new Rolls Royce looks good as well – sleeker, more streamlined, and still hot pink. There have been a few comments already about a little pug dog that’s sitting next to Parker. Some are wondering whether the animal might prove to be a comic nemesis/mischief maker…?


    Steve R.

  • Matthew says:

    What is your email

  • Ben Sloane says:

    Dear David Graham,

    Is there an address at which I can reach you to send you fanmail?

    I love your voice work on Thunderbirds and am looking forward to seeing the new series although nothing can beat the original…puppets beat CGI hands down!

    Thank you

    • david graham says:

      Dear Ben Sloane Thanks for your message. You can send fan mail to Babble Voices 30 Great Portland Street W1W 8QU. Hope that you like the new series despite your preference.

      David Graham

  • Jacki Isaacs says:

    Dear David
    I don’t know if you remember me, my name is Jacqueline nee Appell and my sister’s name is Hillary and we lived in Barcham House
    I was watching the news last week and the topic was Thunderbirds and then you appeared on the sceen
    Talk about the past catching up with you!
    It was wonderful seeing you looking so well and great to see how far you have come from the original voice of the daleks!
    I was very friendly with your niece Elizabeth and have been trying to contact her for many years without any luck
    If it isn’t too much trouble, would you please pass on my details Looking forward to receiving a reply from you
    Best wishes and kindest regards

  • david graham says:

    Dear Jacki Thanks for your message. I have a recollection of your past friendship with my niece Elizabeth. Her email address is liz@bound4college.com should you wish to make contact. As you know they have revived Thunderbirds after 50 years and asked me back to reprise my character and have even commissioned a second series. I feel a bit born again. Hope you and your sister are well.
    Best wishes David

  • Jacki Isaacs says:

    Dear David
    Thanks for her email I will contact her
    Can’t believe it’s 50 years since Thunderbirds!
    You must feel like a teenager again!
    You haven’t changed…I recognised you immediately!
    Have seen your name on Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly when my grandchildren watch the show and have always wondered if it was you. ….and now I know that it is! !!!
    Incredible to know my neighbour is so famous!
    Good luck with the series
    Keep well
    Best wishes

  • Jacki Isaacs says:

    Hi David
    Thanks to you Liz is back in my life!
    Can’t thank you enough
    Keep well
    Best wishes

  • Karl Latham says:

    dear david grahamhello my name is karl latham and i am a massive of yourself i love watching moomin and i was wondering if you would be so kind as to send me a signed photograph please i collect signed photographs which i will add and treasure and i always will my address is

    karl latham
    1 nevill
    the leys
    b79 7rp
    thank you

  • Craig Adams says:

    Dear David,

    Craig here.. I would like to invite you over to Castle Mead Radio while your in Leicester, So perhaps we could meet and I could thank you for your Charity Donation Fee to our Radio Station in person.. I’d love to hear about your Career & play some of your favourite music if you’ve got any that is.. Please get in touch with me ASAP Please!!

    Craig Adams, Leicestershire, UK

  • Mark Harding says:

    Dear David we over at MSE Events are a massive supporter of your work as Parker from Thunderbirds and now back in action for the new series Thunderbirds Are Go. We would like to invite you to an event some time to celebrate not only your Thunderbirds work but your work in Doctor Who, Peppa Pig and more recently Big Finish Productions.

    Thank you very much for reading this and we hope to hear from you some time.


  • Thomas Mettham says:

    Dear David

    I have just watched Moomin on DVD when I happened to find your name on the English cast credits. I then began to research without success what role you’ve played on that series. Now I listened very carefully and correct me if I’m wrong but I think you either played Moominpapa, Mr. Hemulin or maybe even both. Am I right or wrong? I close by saying, whatever character(s) you played you did a really good performance on the series.

    Please reply soon.

    Thank you and kind regards:

    Thomas Mettham.

  • Craig Adams says:

    Greetings David,

    Thank you very much for visiting Castle Mead Radio in Hinckley.. Your welcome anytime to my Radio Show such a lovely man, If any of you want to see Part One & Two of our Radio Interview please copy and paste links into your Browser for Youtube:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfPY1ZWi_sU PART ONE

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-Il_su47Sg PART TWO

    Hope to meet you again sometime soon David
    Take Care
    Craig Adams, Hinckley, Leicestershire

  • David Huggan says:

    Hi David, My kids and I love your funny voices from over here in Sydney, Australia.

    That great moment when my daughter realised that Wise Old Elf was the same voice as Grandpa Pig! The look on her face was priceless!



  • Mark Thomas says:

    Hi David,
    Being subjected to Ben & Holly dvd’s on a regular basis by my boy’s, I was fascinated with the voice of the wise old elf. After a bit of investigation on the web, I found it is you. Reading further, looking back over your career, I find that you also did the voices for my favourite TV show as a boy, Thunderbirds.
    You have brought much enjoyment to my family over two generations and I thank you very much. And I must say I enjoy Ben & Holly too, especially your character. A very happy Christmas to you.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Mark Many thanks for your kind remarks about my work. It is rewarding to know that my work has given pleasure to you and your boys. It makes it all worth while.

      Best wishes and A Happy Christmas David

  • Terry Bailey says:

    Dear David, Happy New Year. Firstly thanks for the years of entertainment you have given to millions over the years. I and my children enjoy Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig. The question I have is how do you manage to keep find the energy to do all your different projects? Must be tiring at times? Keep up the good work. By the way Adam, Amy, Alice and Alex send their best. Could we get a signed picture of the Wise Old Elf? Thanks Terry.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Terry Many thanks for your kind remarks regarding my work and efforts to entertain you.
      Acting is about energy- creative energy and I have been lucky to possess it in abundance and it doesn’t seem to diminish with the years. I am at present recording another series of Peppa Pig
      and also Thunderbirds in which I am reprising Parker. I don’t have any pictures of the Wise Old Elf but will try and obtain one and send it to you.

      Best wishes to you and Adam, Amy, Alice and Alex.


      one for you if you will let me have your address.

  • Terry Bailey says:

    Hi David, if you would and me an email which I can send an address to that would be great. My email is terrybailey@hotmail.com. Thanks again for your kindness. Terry

  • Terry Bailey says:

    Hi David, thanks for your reply. How do I get my address to you? Thanks Terry

  • Dan McGlinchey says:

    Dear David.
    I came across your website after hearing the sad news about Sylvia Andersen. I just wanted to say that, when I was a kid, I loved the exploits of the Tracy family ( and was especially obsessed with Thunderbird 2, it must be said). But years later when I thought about the show, it was always your exchanges with Sylvia that came to mind, to the extent that, when I first met my wife (who is rather posh), I kept doing Parker’s “yes, milady,” when she’d call from another room or suchlike… Sadly, she never really got the joke, but the point is for people of my generation, your Parker voice is instantly recognisable and greatly loved.
    So, many thanks and all the best,


    • david graham says:

      Dear Dan Many thanks for your kind remarks regarding my voice work. I too was sad at the news of Sylvia’s death and will attend her funeral next week. I hope to keep going a while longer.
      Best wishes David

  • jim dalton says:

    Dear David, currently watching ‘Filmed in Supermarionation’ on Sky Arts and can’t believe how youthful you appear, my best friend of fifty years is constantly texting nonsense and usually lines from the many Anderson shows, Fireball XL5 and Stingray being favourites, but Brains and particularly Parker are such a huge part of our childhood, my friend does a reasonable impersonation (too damn often, truth be told) but HUGE thanks for such enjoyment you havve given us.
    Unrelated to that, I have recently rewatched ‘When the Boat comes in’ (Like Christopher Lee reading LotR annually, I watch ‘Boat’ annually… wonderful drama) and two of my most favourite episodes, the first of series 4 with you playing Morty, I always believed you WERE American so convincing were you and I only recently registered, despite many viewings, you were also Kaganovvch in a previous series, this one in particular showed that no only do you have a wonderful voice, but you possessed great screen presence.

    Hopefully look forward to seeing you for many more years, thanks and best wishes


    ps… embarrassingly, any chance of a signed pic? At near sixty, I have never asked that of anyone before.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Jim Many thanks for your kind words regarding my visual and voice work. I have always tried to make the most of my talents and hope to keep doing so a while longer. If you will let me have your address I will send you a signed picture of myself. Trust that this finds you well.

      Regards David

  • Bill Everatt says:

    Dear David,
    I’m absolutely thrilled to read from ITV this morning, that Thunderbirds will be renewed for a third season of 26 episodes! – Congratulations.
    Best regards,

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  • Rommel Diokno says:

    Dear David,

    Hi there. I’ve got two lovely princesses named Daphne and Eunice. We are a big fan of the show peppa pig and ben and holly. One of my daughter is asking if you yourself got a big pointy hat and is it color blue? More power to you.


  • Francesco says:

    Hi David,

    Huge fan of your work. I directed my first film this year, after a few years of producing, and would love to see if I could get you to do a 1 minute V.O. for my film. Not sure if your still doing V.O. but it would mean the world to me. I tried contacting your old talent agency: Talking Heads Voices, but they said I’d have to contact you directly. My email is attached if you’re interested. Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Jonathan Hammonds says:

    Hi David, hope you are keeping well, just wanted to ask about the possibilities of sending my 4 year old son Finn, something signed, from either Your Ben & Holly or Peppa Pig guise, he has grown up with both, and we are in the process of decorating his room, with signed photos of his favourite characters.

    Thanks x

  • Jason Animosus says:

    Hello Mr. Graham

    I was wondering if you would like to be a special guest at Dutch Comic Con 2017. Plenty of actors will also be there, but sadly nobody from movies from before 1983. Would you like to be there?

    Keep up the good work!


    If you’re attending Dutch Comic Con 2017, I will personally greet you on stage. It would make me really happy if that could happen.

  • Joachim Reinhold says:

    Honourable Mr Graham, I am your fan since I have learnt to spell Thunderbirds 🙂 For me you are an inspiration on how beauti- and meaningful life can be. Even at high age. Thank you for helping handicapped people like me to envision a future instead of giving up. Best from Germany, Joachim.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Joachim Thank you very much for your kind and touching thoughts about my work. In my long career I have tried my utmost to use whatever talents I have to their full extent and messages like yours make it all so worthwhile. May I wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season and New Year.
      Best wishes David

      • Joachim Reinhold says:

        Thank you so much. Please allow me to return the season’s greetings with my very best to you and your family.

  • Dave Morris says:

    Hi David i am very pleased to have come across your website your a voice of a generation for me regarding stingray and thunderbirds and now for my children grandpa pig or the wise old elf. My son and i are big fans of parker in both the old and new series. Do you send any autographs out at all upon request ? I hope you and your family have a great xmas david and good health to you for 2017!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Dave Many thanks for your warm words regarding my work down the years. Messages such as yours make it seem well worthwhile. I have just begun to record the 3rd series of the new Thunderbirds Are Go which will be transmitted in the future. I will be pleased to sign an autograph for you if you will let me have your address. Very best wishes for the festive season tp you and your family.


  • Jim says:

    Hi David,

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting yourself several times now at events over the years and I always enjoy the pleasure of speaking to yourself. Some of my fsvourite guest characters that you voiced in Thunderbirds were the military/special forces guest characters such as General Peters in Pit of Peril, colonel Tim Casey in Edge of Impact, commissioner Garfield in 30 minutes after noon, and a Colonel Jameson in Cry Wolf if you recall these specific characters. You’ve had a very busy career and continue to do so what was it like working with some of the other voice actor said such as Peter Dyneley who voice lives on as Jeff in the new series countdown and John Tate who voiced guess characters?

    • david graham says:

      Dear Jim Your message has just come up in my message box and I thank you for it. I much appreciate the pleasure that my work has given you and I am grateful that I am able to work at my age. Peter Dyneley was great to work with and left us to early. David Tate was a very talented actor and voice artiste and both these chaps helped to give the Thunderbird series its legendary status. Thanks again for your thoughts.

      Best wishes David

  • Ian Higgs says:

    we are holding a Charity Film & TV Convention at Elstree Film Studios on the 30th of September
    to raise money for the national autistic society.

    would like to invite you to attend as one of our celebrity to sign autographs and maybe even do Q & A talk.

    if you are interested please email me with your requirement

    really looking forward to your reply

    • david graham says:

      Dear Ian Thanks for your message and invitation to your charity convention at the end of September. It is a long way ahead but if available will do my best to attend. If I can I would request transport to and from the venue. Please contact me again nearer the time.

      David Graham

  • Jamie Vause says:

    Hi David,

    I love that this page exists to be able to pass on my thanks for all the amazing voice work you have done on the many shows I have come to love! My children have also fallen in love with your characters from Thunderbirds Are Go, Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig.
    I have also drawn my own pictures of Parker and Brains which I hope to one day be able to show you!
    Not to repeat the above comment but I too would love to request an autograph it at all possible please?
    All the very best to you and your family!

    Kind regards


    • david graham says:

      Dear Jamie Thanks for your appreciative message regarding my work and the pleasure it has given you and your children. This is what I devote all my energies to. If you will send me another message with your address I will send you a signed picture.

      Best wishes David

  • Jamie Vause says:

    Thank you very much for the kind Reply,
    My address is :
    21 Skelton Road
    North Lincolnshire
    DN17 1RB.

    All the best!
    Jamie and family

  • James Harding says:

    Hello David

    My two boys very much enjoy your work on both Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly, the latter of which is my favorite children’s programme to have to sit through!

    Can I ask, out of curiosity more than anything, why there seems to be confusion over what year you were born? Your Wikipedia page lists you as 1924/1925, obviously one of those must be wrong!

    I wish you well Sir, please do continue in your work, you have a fantastic talent.

    Regards. James

    • david graham says:

      Dear James Sorry for the delay in replying to your message and the news that your boys are fans of my efforts to entertain and also your kind remarks about my talents. They make it all worthwhile. The year of may birth was 1925.

      Best wishes to you and the boys David

  • Grant Bull says:

    Hi David

    I wanted to thank you for bringing to life some of my favourite characters of all-time in the Daleks, Parker and Brains. Your talents know no end and its a privilege and thrill to now see my children enjoy your work in Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly, along with Thunderbirds are Go.

    I am the editor of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society publication ‘Cosmic Masque’ and I wondered if you would have the time for me to interview you at some point in the near future in regards to your work in Doctor Who both as a voice artist and an actor? If this would be possible please could you contact me on grant.bull@dwasonline.co.uk

    I hope to hear from you in the near future.

    All the Best,

  • Adrian white says:

    Dear David,
    I would like to thank you for all the enjoyment that you have given to me over the years with your fabulous voices in Ben & Holly, Peppa pig & of course the one & only Thunderbirds!!!
    Could I please ask if you would be so kind to send my daughter a signed photograph?
    Beatrice is 7 years old and a much loved fan of Thunderbirds, with Parker her favourite character. Beatrice still watches the clips from when you appeared on the One show.
    Best wishes & Many thanks
    My address is,
    Beatrice White
    44, Farmfield Road

  • Scott Bundy says:

    Dear David,

    Hope you are well and greetings from Melbourne Australia.

    Thank you so much for the entertainment you have given my family and the world over the decades.

    I grew up watching and loving Thunderbirds. Now we all join our 5-year-old son Beau in watching Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – our home’s favourite show.

    All the best,

  • Dale G Payne says:

    It was really nice to review history again. I was just telling my wife about The Thunderbirds. I did some digging again, as I do ever few years. I want to thank you for all your voice work. Imagination is a gift. Can you please send me a signed photo. It would be very dear to me.
    My Address:

    Mr. Dale Payne
    18-152 Concession Rd 11 West, RR1
    Hastings, Ontario
    K0L 1Y0

    Please continue your great work. Godspeed,

    Dale Payne

  • Chris, Jack & Hazel Monsour says:

    Mr Graham,

    I wanted to let you know that you have very rabid fans on this side of the pond. My two children love your work. In fact, Grandpa Pig is legendary in our household. American children staying “cheeky snails” and pronouncing “lettuce” in mimicry of you makes me laugh.

    As a young boy myself back years ago the Daleks were fascinating and to know your voice was the original is something to be proud of (I think at least).

    Wishing you good health and as others have, letting you know your work leaves a lasting impact on grown men and little children all over the world.

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Chris, Jack and Hazel Monsour I was very pleased to receive your message and to know
      how much pleasure I have been able to give you all. I have a sister in America and trained as
      an actor in New York many moons ago. They are making lots more episodes of Peppa Pig. I
      hope that I am around to entertain you for a bit longer.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Dev says:

    I just want to say that I think your voice work as grandpa pig and the wise old elf are the only thing that make watching it over and over with my daughter bearable! When you watch them as much as I do, you really appreciate the little things. Few men could convey grandpa pig’s dismay at having his lettuces eaten like you!

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Dev Thanks for your kind remarks regarding my voice work and that it finds favour with your daughter. It makes all my efforts to entertain over a long career worthwhile.

      With best wishes to you both David

  • John Smith says:

    Hi David,

    Do you remember a man named John Peverill who worked for Gerry Anderson in the 1960s? I know that he worked as sound editor/supervising sound editor on Gerry’s productions, but I was also wondering if you knew what he did during the recording sessions, as apparently he had some involvement with them?

    Thank you,

  • David Graham says:

    Dear John Thanks for your enquiry regarding John Peverill and his work for Gerry. It is a long

    time ago and I can’t remember what he did at the recording sessions. Sorry that I cannot be of

    assistance. Best wishes David

  • Michael Parrey says:

    Dear David
    My grandchildren love Peppa pig. I get to watch it frequently and came across your voice over for grandad pig. So I google searched and found your extensive work history. I was just a little lad when dr who was initially playing and is a sound that will never leave me. Keep up the great work

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Michael. Thanks for your message and am pleased that your grandchildren like Peppa

      Pig. There are lots more in the pipeline. Last Sunday a Dr Who event in Oxford.

      Best wishes David

  • Yasmin says:

    Dear David
    I have to say that I absolutely love your voice especially the introduction of Ben and holly. I can rewind and listen to it over and over again. My 5 year old I think only got into the program as o kept watching it to hear your voice. Seriously I’m in love makes me feel soo happy.

  • Becca Paulino says:

    Hi David,

    I am a big fan of Thunderbirds and as you are the voice for so many of the characters I would love to meet you. I am going to Comic Con in London at the end of the month to meet Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman. I was wondering if you are doing any events in the near future? I have an original poster which I would love for you to sign.

    Many thanks


  • Richard Denby says:

    Dear David
    Thanks for the inspiration and imagination you gave me as a kid. My father and I would sit down and watch Thunderbird whenever the TV was free. I recently got the privilege to meet Matt Zimmerman and Shane Rimmer at a convention, so nice to meet them in person. Any chance of yourself touring around too? Would be great to put a face to the voice.
    I feel rude asking but who would i contact for an autograph? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Take care. Richard

  • Sam Chadwick says:

    Mr Graham, you may get this a lot but I’m a huge fan of your work particularly Thunderbirds and the other supermarionation shows. Although the Hood used to scare me as a child, I am now almost 18 and I’m still enjoying every moment of it. Much like your friend Gerry Anderson, Parker is my favourite character, and you can’t imagine how overjoyed I was when I found out on The One Show, that you were coming back to reprise that role in Thunderbirds Are Go. The reason why I’m leaving this comment is because I’ve previously met your partners Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman at my first visit to a convention, where I got their autographs and got a photograph taken with them, and what I’m hoping is that you can arrange for an autographed photo. So please get back to me as soon as possible, and if by any chance you know when the new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go are coming out, then that would be FAB.
    (Hello Mr Graham. I am Sams mum Amanda. Sam has aspergers and the work of Gerry Anderson is one of his greatest passions. He also has a talent for mimicry and can impersonate Parker to a ‘T’. It would mean a lot to him to have your autograph in any form. Many thanks.)

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Elizabeth Many thanks for your warm praise of my work. It has been a labour of love
      to use my talents to try and make peoples lives better in this fractured world of ours.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • David Wright says:

    Dear David,
    Just a quick note to say thank you for your wonderful work with Gerry Anderson. It made my childhood infinitely more enjoyable. Your fantastic voices gave real depth and character to the marionettes. Parker will live on for eternity.

    • David Graham says:

      Dear David Thanks for your kind words regarding may work for Gerry Anderson, They are much appreciated.

      Best wishes from me and parker

  • Sam Chadwick says:

    Mr Graham this is Sam again. I’ve noticed that you are replying to some of the comments left on the website. Now I understand that you are a very busy man, but I must confess I am beginning to feel worried that you won’t reply to mine, and I’m only trying to get through to you how much of a fan of you that I am. My comment is at the bottom of the voiceover page, so whenever you have a chance please reply to it asap.

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Sam Many thanks for your kind comments about my work. They are much appreciated.
      If you send me your address I will send you signed photograph. My email address is
      dm.graham1107@gmail .com

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Elizabeth says:

    Dear Mr Graham
    Our family are now fourth generation fans! We all think you’re wonderful – for me it’s the genius of Thunderbirds, for the little ones it’s Peppa! Our Dad was one of your original fans. When I was in my teens many, many years ago, I was raving about Thunderbirds and Dad mentioned he was in the RAF with you, that your talent shone out and your voices were always superb! How lovely.
    Thank you for all your wonderful work!
    Warms regards

  • Maarten says:

    Dear Mr Graham

    I have been a huge fan of Thunderbirds since I was a child. The beautiful production and great characters have inspired me very much. It’s because of these films that I have good results for English at school. My English teacher likes my English pronunciation. I still enjoy Gerry Anderson’s wonderful productions. Many thanks for the great pleasure and wonderful voices.

    Best regards


  • Maarten says:

    Dear Mr Graham

    I have been a huge fan of Thunderbirds since I was a child. The beautiful production and great characters have inspired me very much. Its’ because of these films that I’ve had good results for English at school. My English teacher likes my English pronunciation. I still enjoy Gerry Anderson’s wonderful productions. Many thanks for the great pleasure and wonderful voices.

    Best regards


    • David Graham says:

      Dear Maarten Very pleased that you have enjoyed my work and voices. I am still doing voice
      work on The Peppa Pig series.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • David Heath says:

    Dear Mr. Graham

    Growing up, I was a huge fan of Dr. Who and Thunderbirds and so I became familiar with the names of the various actors who took part in those programmes. So it was an absolute pleasure to rediscover you via my son as he grew up watching Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly’s Litte Kingdom and, most recently, Thunderbirds Are Go. The Wise Old Elf is a truly wonderful character and the ‘Elf Rescue’ episode of Ben and Holly must have been as much of a joy to record as it was to watch.
    Thank you for many years to viewing pleasure.


  • David Heath says:

    Dear Mr. Graham

    Growing up, I was a huge fan of Dr. Who and Thunderbirds and so I became familiar with the names of the various actors who took part in those programmes. So it was an absolute pleasure to rediscover you via my son as he grew up watching Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and, most recently, Thunderbirds Are Go. The Wise Old Elf is a truly wonderful character and the ‘Elf Rescue’ episode of Ben and Holly must have been as much of a joy to record as it was to watch.
    And, of course, it was fantastic to hear you again as Parker in Thunderbirds Are Go.
    Thank you for many years to viewing pleasure.


  • David Graham says:

    Dear David Thanks for your kind comments about my work. I have enjoyed playing all the
    voices and characters I have created and it is nice to know how much they are appreciated.

    Best wishes David

  • Craig says:

    Hello there David,

    Craig here. Hope you are keeping well ? Have you changed your E-Mail Address – I would like to Interview you again as now we have moved with Tech and now can do SKYPE and FB Live here at Castle Mead Radio (Britain’s Smallest Hospital Radio Station in the UK) in Hinckley, Happy Birthday to you David, We would love some Voiceovers for my TIME & SPACE Radio Show from you thank you so much as now at the Station we have got a NEW Station Manager and I have stepped up as Voluntary Assistant Station Manager take care

  • Paul Scott says:

    I used to be fascinated as a boy when I spotted, names of voice artists on the credits of a programme they were actually acting in. No one was ever as I imagined them! Being a huge fan of everything Anderson, imagine my surprise when both Scott Tracey and Parker/Gordon/Brains appeared in ‘The Gunfighters’ Doctor Who serial. I’m not given to flattering thespians as a general rule, but you are one of our great British stalwart actors. Thank you for all the wonderful performances. You are the voices of my childhood, ‘Grandpa’ in Four Feather Falls, Dr Beaker, Matt Matic. I hope you have a great 94th birthday in a few days time.

  • Dear Paul Thanks you very much for your good wishes for my birthday and kind comments regarding my work. Much appreciated. I have been luck that over a long career I have been able
    display my talents to the full.

    Best wishes David Graham

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  • Simon Gowen says:

    As a work friend of the late John Blundall, and a childhood fan of Thunderbirds….David’s voice for Parker, was my first ever impression. And after many years of practice, I have it down to a fine “h”art.
    Many thanks for the years of continued entertainment.

  • andrew scott says:

    Honestly it’s just an honour that David will see my comment never mind reply back, anyway, it’s beyond amazing that speaking as a 25 year old(as of now) he was a massive voice in my childhood with stingray and thunderbirds, and as I have gotten older supercar and four feather falls, but what’s more amazing he would of been a voice heard in my parents heads when they were children, my mum is 63, and my dad would of been 66 but he passed away in 2008, I fell in love with supercar just imagining my dad as a 7 year old watching it the same way I was 7 years old watching thunderbirds, when I saw thunderbirds, it went straight past my head that this was a tv show that was 35 years old(at the time) so that has to be something. Supercar, Thunderbirds and Four Feather Falls were my favourites. I loved it in four feather falls or supercar where two of your characters would be talking to each other and you’d forget it was the same actor, I think I get what everyone else gets from the Gerry Anderson stuff, but he was a proper genius, each tv show he made was different and a totally different world, I loved the fact that starting from four feather falls going upto thunderbirds you can see more Anderson tropes being braught in each show, four feather falls being a dry run of supermarionation, and supercar being a dry run of the sci fi, and fireball xl5 the first with derek meddings with the special affects and stingray with the bigger budget and colour, and thunderbirds for being so iconic. Each of these series perfectly capture what the 60’s would have been like with it starting as slightly niave and innocent to the beatnik, poetry british invasion of the mid 60s and captain scarlet ushering in the flower power and sargent pepper of the time, if four feather falls was a stark contrast to torchy, and captain scarlet was to thunderbirds it only replicated what the beatles were doing at the time. I always wondered why you weren’t involved with Captain Scarlett?

  • JOHN FOX says:

    Dear David,
    I hope you are well.
    we have not seen you lately – striding out for your daily walk.
    Best Rgds.
    John Fox
    10 Rosecroft Avenue

  • geoff marriott says:

    all my life ,your input has inspired me and made me smile, throgh my active service in the RAF through childhood into adulthood and now as a step grandad, what on earth can i say to thank you thats not been said??? I can say…. …..What nothing???….see you dont thank family you love them and cherish them. and i consider you part of my family now and always…
    ps it must make you smile that a whle nation probably feels the same
    luv geoff marriott in Norwich

  • Joel Mazur says:

    My children love watching Ben and Holly. And they love the wise old elf, favorite character in our household.

  • Maarten says:

    Dear Mr Graham

    I wish you a happy birthday.

    I enjoy your work on the Peppa Pig series, Grandpa Pig is a wonderful character.

    In 2015. I visited with my parents the studio’s in Slough where Thunderbirds was filmed, it was very special to be there and I often think about that.

    Best wishes



  • Steven says:

    Dear Mr Graham.

    I was born in the early 90’s and Thunderbirds was one of the first shows I ever saw in my life, It really influences my creativity and passion for my film-making growing up. Also Parker was also the best character in the show (Next to Scott Tracy).

    I just wanna say thank you and everyone who worked on the show, for inspiring creative people like me.
    – Steven (from Canada)

  • George says:

    Are you David Graham?

  • Steven Harrington says:

    Hello Mr Graham I grew up watching THUNDERBIRDS with my late grandfather I own a funko pop of parker and was wondering if I could send him to you to get signed please get back to me thankyou

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