David Graham

I was born with the acting gene raging inside me. After many decades it is still there as virulent as ever, for which I give thanks.

Theatre, television, radio, and the voice field – yours truly has cracked them all. On the professional roller coaster I have hung in there. My highs have been working in Laurence Olivier’s company at the National Theatre and appearing with him in Saturday Sunday Monday and using my Italian accent.

One evening during the run we had a scene with a family meal at which we ate ragu, a meaty dish. The only problem was that the meat was off. Much mirth ensued. (It’s called corpsing in the trade). The great  man read us a lecture the following day.

Another highlight was to do two plays with the mighty Len Rossiter. Playing with him was like working with a human dynamo. His energy was demonic. You had to be at your best to keep up with him. His early death at the peak of his career was a tragic loss.

I was lucky to be born with, as they say, ‘a good ear’ which has been of great benefit to me in my voice career. I have been lucky to have created some legendary voices: Parker and Brains in Thunderbirds; the Dalek voices in Dr Who; and latterly Grandpa Pig in Peppa Pig and the Wise Old Elf and the Gnome in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

I have just finished a short film called One For Sorrow. The cast was me, playing an elderly loner, a dog, and a magpie. I found the magpie difficult to work with. It was always trying to get cheep laughs.

So there we are. It has been a great ride –  bumpy at times  – but I have loved almost every minute of it and you never know what’s round the corner.

Overture and beginners please!

David Graham

August 2011

If you want to get in touch, you can leave comments on any of the site pages. I will try to respond to any questions but please be patient with me – I don’t always find this new technology easy to use!


199 Responses to About Me

  • Ruth Goodman says:

    Hello David,
    Enjoyed reading your biog and particularly your amusing stories about the plays you have been in. I recall well Sat, Sun Mon at the National (but must have been there on a night when the meat was fresh and kosher) can still recall the delicious smell that emanated from the stage!
    Also remember the fantastic production of Arturo Uri with you and Len Rossiter. The image of him on the tall platform, resembling a ranting Hitler sent shivers down my spine. My favourite memory of you on a personal level is at Mike’s barmitzvah when you delighted us by giving us the ‘monkey cry’ from Four Feathers Falls. (Hope that was the name!) and some souvenirs from Thunderbirds. You were our hero! How about joining us for a cousins’ eve one of these days? Keep up the good work David! Much love, Ruth xxx

    • david graham says:

      Dear Ruth Just picked up your newsy message. Yes it has been an interesting journey with a few bumps along the way. Am still doing the odd voice over but not much of the visual stuff. Trust that you and the family are well and will be in touch regarding the cousins’ eve.

      Love David

    • Jacob Van Aggelen says:

      Hey David love your voices on peppa pig and ben and holly
      Grandpa pig and wise old elf my nephew loves the shows take care ☺ Jacob

  • Dear Mr Graham.

    Everyday I listen to the Christian O’Connell breakfast show on Absolute Radio (1215am). A national award winning radio station which my father insisted upon me listening to from a very early age!

    Anyway, next week (from Monday 3rd October) they are running a charity competition to try and get the “coolest” person from the 80’s phoning their station and doing a short interview.

    I was wondering whether you’d be kind enough to phone them for me… As the voice of the Daleks I can think of nobody better!

    I still remember cowering behind the sofa at the very sight of a dalek and this “invader” really sums up that whole era for me (although i’m aware they were about far before the 80’s!)

    If you would be kind enough to give the show a call on *****215 then I would very much appreciate it… and if you would donate the winning money (if you won) to epilepsy research then I would be eternally grateful… although you may have charities you prefer.

    The show runs everyday from 6-9am.. and i’m sure they also do pre-recorded interviews too… can you help?

    thank you for your time and I sincerely hope you can help out!

    all the best.

    Pete Jefferson.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Pete Only just picked up your message alas too late to take any action on the date you mentioned. Perhaps another time. I also appeared in two Dr Who stories in vision.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Paul Warlow says:

    Hi David, and was checking out a few old colleagues of mine from my London days as a jobbing carpenter.
    So great to see you have a web site, or as the kids say these days say…so cool to see you have a web site.
    Glad to see you are still keeping busy, can’t keep a good man down.

    I used to do a few bit of maintenance around your lovely apartment approx 12 of more years ago to make a crust…
    You were very kind to read a (not so funny) comedy script of mine at the time, something about a “rogue newspaper letter writer”… it was totally forgettable and unfunny, but, you were too polite to point the obvious out in black and white at the time… how kind.
    Anyhow and regardless, I stuck with my mad “goal” and eventually had some success in my (new) home country of the last 11 years… Wales (a place to the left of England… of course, this depends on where you are viewing this Wales place from…)
    Had a (small 6 x 10) comedy series made for BBC Wales Produced by Gareth Gwenlan and some radio stuff too… other than that, still doing some writing, and still doing more carpentry…
    Whenever I see your name on the old box, always proud to think of the times I shared your company, and how you were an encouraging and positive part of my life.

    Keep fit and keep well.
    With kind regards…
    Paul Warlow

    • david graham says:

      Dear Paul How nice to hear from you and for your kind words. I am still doing the odd job which isn’t bad for a bloke in his mid-eighties. Pleased that you have had some success with your writing. I have heard of Gareth Gwenlan. Perhaps we could still do something together? I am still in good voice and am reasonably fit. Thanks again for your message.

      Very best wishes David

  • Jo Nicholson says:

    Hi David,

    Goodness me, what an exciting time you have had! It’s great to read about your life and professional career.

    I’m still reeling from the news that the voice of mine and my children’s much beloved Wise Old Elf (and Grandpa Pig) is also the voice of the daleks and two of the Thunderbirds!

    Glad to have found your site.


    • david graham says:

      Dear Jo Only just picked up your message which was good for my ego. Am still recording Ben and Holly. Like all actors i have had my highs and lows but have enjoyed the ride. By the way I have a website davidgraham.co which you may like to look at. Many thanks for your interest.

      Best wishes David

  • Gillian Black says:

    I don’t know whether its because I am a woman, but voices particularly appealed to me almost more than any visual stimuli ever could. I have loved voices from the likes of Richard Burton to Viggo Mortensen to name a few. I can honestly say that you have a wonderful voice and I only hope to hear it in more adult feature films. I think it would translate to comedy, either in a series or film. I have a 4 year old son who thinks the “wise old elf” is sooo funny. I can’t wait to tell my husband that the wise old elf is now in the witness protection and was formely a dalek! I know Nanny Plum is always mean to you, but I secretly think she has a crush on you! Anyway take care for now and please keep on working. My very best regards Gillian

    • david graham says:

      Dear Gillian Many thanks for your charming message. I was flattered to be mentioned in the same terms as Richard Burton. Very pleased that your four year old is a fan of the “wise old elf” I certainly enjoy giving voice to him. By the way I have a new website which you may care to look at. The address is davidgraham.co Must rush as I have a date with Nanny Plum.

      Thanks once again and best wishes David

  • Dwain Longley says:

    Hello Mr Graham, firstly thank you for taking time too read this I appreciate you are busy. Can I just say that you are a fantastic actor and voice artist. You brough many a happy hour to myself as a child voicing parker amoung others on TB and now as a 20 something dad of 4 you are still bringing laughter to my children as the wise old elf. I was wandering if possible could I request an autograph of yourself and if this is possible where should i send my s.a.e, kind regards

    • david graham says:

      Dear Dwain Many thanks for your message and kind words regarding my work. My main focus has always been to give pleasure to people in this difficult world. I would be happy to send you my autograph and a picture. Please write c/o my Agent David Daly Associates 586a Kings Road London SW6 2DX. Please tell your children that the Wise Old Elf sends his best wishes. For what it’s worth I also do the voice of the greedy Gnome.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Steve Chung says:

    Mr. Graham, having enjoyed watching The Dalek Invasion of Earth on DVD, I just wanted to say thank you (and Peter Hawkins) for voicing the Daleks. Whenever I watch a Doctor Who episode, classic or new, I always have the feeling these characters from the planet of Skaro are having more fun than the other characters in the serial and deliver their lines with such manic intensity which cannot help but be admired.

    I just want to say be it Thunderbirds or Doctor Who, thank you for imbuing these characters with hearts and souls.

    Steve Chung

    • david graham says:

      Dear Steve Thanks for your message and kind words about my work on Dr Who etc. I have been fortunate in a long career to have been a part of series which have caught the public’s imagination. Best wishes for the New Year.


  • Mark Britten says:

    Hi David

    As well as your acting resume, I would be very interested to see a section of your website devoted to your wartime career, as long as it didn’t bring back painful memories


  • Steve Chung says:

    Mr. Graham, thank you for the personal reply and warm wishes for the new year. I’d like to be the first to wish you a Happy Fiftieth Anniversary for Doctor Who and your superb voice work (with Peter Hawkins) as the Time Lord’s most implacable foes, the Daleks (British icons both in their distinctive appearance and voices.) I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for Doctor Who: The Gunfighters, having seen it once on Public Television in the states, and hope to be able to savor your guest-performance in that one. Sincerely, Steve Chung

  • Sam says:

    Dear mister Graham,

    first of all I would to thank you for voicing Parker and other chars of Gerry Anderson’s(may he rest in peace) series.
    You were awesome in the 1984 ad playing Big Brother.

    Is the Brains puppet modelled on you as Lady P is on Silvia?



    • david graham says:

      Dear Sam Thanks for your message and kind words about my work. I don’t think the Brains character was modelled on myself. Possibly on an actor called Anthony Perkins. I was lucky to be cast in the l984 commercial directed by Ridley Scott which has since become quite famous.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Danielle Phillips says:

    Mr. Graham,

    I hope all is well! My name is Danielle Phillips and I work in the Footage and Photo Acquisition department at NFL Films. We are interested in including Apple’s ‘1984’ commercial in our upcoming documentary Star Spangled Sundays. Our producer would like to use the commercial in his segement which will highlight some of the iconic Super Bowl commercials. We’d like to secure your permission to include your performance in our production, but please contact me so we can discuss further.

    Many thanks,

  • Paula Hammond says:

    Dear David,
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you in this informal way. I’ve had no success trying to track down your agent! I’m a freelance writer currently putting together a book on Dr Who and it’s unthinkable that you wouldn’t be included. I wonder if you’d have the time for a phone or e-interview? I do hope that you will be able to help. Thanks, Paula

  • Lorraine Malby says:

    Hi David,
    I’m sure you’re remember me; we last met at Gerry’s funeral. I’m doing an article for the club and I need to ask you something. It’s on muscials and while researching I can across
    Reflections on Crooked Walking. It’s a studio cast recording, recorded in Vancouver back in 1982. It lists as one of the perfomers David Graham. Was this you or another David? All the best, Lorraine

  • Peter Rimmer says:

    Hi Mr Graham,as a 56 year old fan I would just like to thank you for the many enjoyable hours and the scares your voice acting gave me as a child,its not very often you get the chance to say thank you to someone you’ve known all your,life but have never had the chance to meet.I do hope that the BBC have the good sense to invite you to provide your voice for the daleks,for the docu drama they are producing about the beginning of doctor who,after all your probably one of the only originals left.
    Any way Thank you again and I hope you keep on working.
    Best Wishes
    Peter Rimmer

    • david graham says:

      Dear Peter Many thanks for your thoughts and kind words about my work on Dr Who. I should be happy to help on the docu drama and understand that there will be an event towards the end of the year. I am still working on various projects and don’t intend to retire just yet.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Adam Hickey says:

    Hello Mr. Graham!

    I just wanted to write a quick message to say that I am a fan of your work, especially Doctor Who and Thunderbirds. I think you are a brilliant actor and voice artist!

    Thank you!

    Kindest Regards,


    • Dear Adam Thank you very much for your kind comments about my work. Messages such as yours make all the effort worthwhile. I start work next week recording a new series of
      Thunderbirds which is due to be transimtted in 2015. There is due to be a celebration in November of the 50th anniversary of Dr Who in which I hope to take part.

      Best wishes David

  • Darren Martin says:

    Hi David. Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom is brilliant. My son loves it almost as much as us! Any plans for the next series? Got it on series record, keeps my son entertained. Best one is when Wise Old Elf gets dressed up as an acorn in ‘Acorn Day’. Love it!

    • Dear Darren Many thanks for your kind words regarding Ben and Holly. They have just completed another series and I saw four episodes at BAFTA recently. So it should be around in the autumn. Besides the Wise Old Elf I also play the Gnome. Best to you and your son.


  • Kevin Lagden says:

    Dear David,

    I’m an avid Thunderbirds fan, but must admit to enjoying a number of other Gerry Anderson productions. In particular your v/o of Parker is most memorable to me and loved the series when I was growing up back in blighty.

    I have a small Rolls-Royce Hire company in Australia based on the Sunshine Coast. Although the car is not Pink people often refer to me as Parker and my wife as Lady P. We have a little fun with it.

    We donate a % of our vehicle hire to a very worthy Women’s Cancer Charity based here on the Sunny Coast and help raise money for the retreat they want to build.

    Im going to be cheeky here but I wondered of you be prepared to do a “Parker” voice over for us? nothing too long just a quick plug for our business and the charity. If OK I would donate your fee to the charity concerned. I can send a script of what I think is appropriate by email.

    Hoping you can help us on this one, we appreciate it very much

    Kind regards

    Kevin (aka Parker)

  • Gary Quinn says:

    Hi David, I am a producer at BBC Five Live and we would love to speak to you about you reprising your role as Parker. Would you be so kind as to contact me

  • anthony paul says:

    hello mr.graham my wife and i heard today that you were not only being involved in the new thunderbids tv series but were once again going to voice parker. we cannot tell you just how overjoyed we both are at this news as no one will ever be parker except you. we have met you at the last three fanderson conventions and look forward to meeting you again. this news has made our day very best wishes tony and pauline.

  • anthony paul says:

    sorry we forgot to say those immortal words uttered by lady penelope parker well done .

  • Stephen Frizzell says:

    Dear David, Have only just stumbled across your website. Just wish to say thank you for bringing so much enjoyment (and fear!) to my childhood with your vocal characterisations of the Daleks, together with Peter Hawkins, back in the Hartnell years. For me you both are the authentic sound of the evil pepperpots (I also include Roy Skelton). I am also absolutely thrilled to know that you will be reprising your role of Parker in the new Thunderbirds Are Go series. Your vocal talents have embellished the lives of millions over the decades and this 50 year old is no exception. I’m sure you are inundated with requests but I would love to have your autograph if it were possible. Kindest Regards, Stephen Frizzell

    • Dear Stephen Thanks for your message and very kind words about my work down the years.
      I’m happy to let you have my autograph. Please drop a line to my managers as below.

      Best wishes David Graham

      Babble Voices 30 Great Portland StreetLondon W1W 8QU

  • Lorraine Malby says:

    Hi David,

    Just a quick note to say how FABulous it is that you’re going to be playing Parker again. As a friend of mine would say – Mazel Tov.


  • Dave Penny says:

    Hi David,
    Just wondering who I contact reguarding you appearing at our sci-fi,film and Tv event next October (Def Con 3)? .This will be held in Totton,Southampton about 3 miles from Pepper Pig World,on the 4th and 5th of October and is very much a family event. It would be great to have you there.

    Many Thanks
    Dave Penny

    • Dear Dave This a belated reply to the message that you sent me in last November. You can contact me direct as before though it is a long way ahead. I will do my best to attend.

      Best wishes David

  • Anthony says:

    Greetings and salutations Mr G!

    Yes, yet another baby boomer here, and a Yank at that. I sincerely thank you for your most enjoyable work on the Anderson shows. For good or bad I consider you one of the influences on my interest in voice over actors so another thanks is due.

    To this former New Yorker’s highly tuned but potato filled ear, your Parker was/is a sheer delight with his inclusion of errant H’s.

    Well that’s quite enough drivel from me. Kudos kind sir, be well.

    Warmest regards, Anthony

    • Dear Anthony Thanks for your warm message and praise for my work. A long time ago I went to drama school in New York at The Neighbourhood Playhouse. Leslie Neilson was in the class
      ahead of me. We are currently recording a new series of 26 episodes of Thunderbirds which is due to go on air in 2015 and I have been asked to reprise my role of Parker which I am naturally pleased about. Again thanks.

      Best wishes David

  • Christine Wright says:

    Dear Mr Graham,
    My son and I absolutely love your characters in Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly….
    Well, I must admit, I am the bigger fan of The Wise Old Elf!!! There is a lot of adult humour in that show…
    “Don’t tell anyone you’ve been seeing elves and fairies”

    You light up my day! Thankyou, all the way from Sydney, Australia!!

  • david graham says:

    Dear Christine Many thanks for your kind message. it is always rewarding for an actor to know that his work is appreciated. Ben and Holly recently received an Emmy award in New York as the best children’s animation show. I am also going to record a new episode of Peppa Pig this month to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Many years ago I toured Australia with our National Theatre visiting Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide.. I will try to keep your lights glowing.

    Best wishes to you and your son David Graham

  • Alexander Kay says:

    Just writing to say that I really enjoyed reading your interview in the latest edition of Doctor Who magazine! Really hope to see/hear some more interviews from you in the future David.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi David,
    Would like to invite you to appear at Sci Fi Scarborough on 14th/15th March 2015 which is held at the Spa Complex in the South Bay. As it’s the 50th anniversary of Thunderbirds we are planning a big Anderson presence. Would you be interested? I know it’s a while away but let me know, many thanks


    Hi David I Have Been A Big Fan Of Thunderbirds For Over 20 Years Your Range Of Voices Of Thunderbirds Has Always Amazed Me Keep Up The Good Work

    Just One Question David – For The New Series Of Thunderbirds Are Go! There Are 26 Episodes How Many Of The New Episodes Do You Feature In As Parker With The Lovely Rosamund Pike Playing Lady Penelope

    • david graham says:

      Dear Andrew Thanks for your kind remarks about my work down the years. We are coming to the end of recordings for the new series. Am not sure how many episodes in appear in. I should think about two thirds. The series will be screened next Spring.

      Best wishes David

  • Stuart Pe-Win says:

    Dear Mr Graham,
    I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits.
    I felt the need to contact you as I wanted to extend a very heartfelt thank you for your performances over the years. More recently I was watching Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and was chuckling along to the Wise Old Elf when I realized that you provided the voice over for that character.
    Just think of it – I watched similar shows with my late Mother and now I’m the parent so thats three generations you have helped give joy to!
    Thank you so much for such wonderful times.
    Its not all about childhood memories as Ive also enjoyed your acting performances as well.
    Anyway I just wanted to say thank you, not only from myself but also from my family.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
    Yours Sincerely,
    PS –

    • david graham says:

      Dear Stuart I was touched by your very warm praise of my work over the years. One of the rewarding thing about my profession is being able to give pleasure to so many people. I always put my heart and soul into my work and messages like yours make it all worthwhile.

      I am at present recording a new series of Thunderbirds which will be shown on ITV next Spring and trust that it will be as popular as the original series. I send my best wishes to you and your family. David

  • Rita says:

    Hi David,

    I am working on a CBS special for the Greatest Super Bowl Commercials, and we would like to include the Apple “1984” you were featured in. This is the only place I have found your contact info, so I’d love to connect with you regarding this. Please email me anytime. Thanks David, I look forward to hearing from you!



  • Hi David,

    I am contacting you on behalf of a Leicester-based charity event called The Big Care Sign-Up taking place on 19th April 2015 to raise money for The Carers Centre, a local care charity.

    We are looking for celebrity guests and wanted to see if you had any interest in appearing on the day.

    Please email us for further details if you are interested.

    Kindest regards,

    Dale Anthony Church

  • Matthew says:

    Dear David
    I loved u as Parker in the thuderbirds i am only 14 but you will inspire the next generation to be interested in the new thuderbirds. So David please could i have your autograph it would be much appreciated
    Thank you

    • david graham says:

      Dear Matthew Just received your message. Hope that you will enjoy the new Thunderbirds. If you will send me your address I will send you an autographed picture.

      Best wishes David

  • Gillian Scholey says:

    Dear Mr Graham
    My amateur theatre group would love to stage your adaptation of ‘Dinner Ladies’ but we are unable to find the scripts. I tried the email address you gave to someone a while ago – theatrescrips.com but was unable to access it. Please could you advise us as to whether the scripts are available and how we can get them if they are. We are an amateur group in Cumbria.
    Gillian Scholey

  • YBSM says:

    Hey are you Big Brother from the Apple Macintosh 1984 Advertisement

  • Audrey Piddington says:

    I understand that you produced/directed Dinner Ladies the play originally byVictroia Wood at Richmond Theatre a few years ago. We are a flourishing amateur drama group and have been endeavouring to find a script with a view to performing it at our local small theatre. Any news you can give me would be much appreciated. I have the programme which shows that the play was performed by The ComedyTheatre club which I now understand is now Harold Pinter Theatre. I would love to hear any news you can give me.

  • George Morris says:

    Dear Mr. Graham,
    I have been a huge fan of Thunderbirds since I was very young, my father grew up watching it and I have very fond memories of Saturday mornings watching the re runs in the early 2000s I’m now nearly 17 but still much prefer these older shows to the newer ones. Parker and Lady Penolpe were two of my favourite characters on the show and I would like to be so cheeky as to ask for your autograph, what is the best way to do so? I would very much like to hear back from you 🙂
    George Morris
    Ps I shall be watching the re boot of Thunderbirds and am looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with it.

    • david graham says:

      Dear George Thanks for your message and kind words about the series. If you send me your address I will send your a signed picture. Hope that you enjoy the new series. It is true to the original but aimed at a new audience.

      Best wishes David

      • George Morris says:

        Thank you for your reply Mr Graham. My email address is georgemorris2598@gmail.com
        If you could send me an email I’ll repl with my address 🙂 thank you so much. Sincerely George

      • George Morris says:

        Dear David. I realise now that you asked for my house address rather than an email.
        My apologies…I find that it’s the only problem with using a smart phone, things can be misread. My address is

        95 Mansfield road

        I look forward to hearing from you and thank you again dor replying to my message
        Best wishes
        George Morris

  • Bob sheedy says:


    You joined our cast in Bob Sheman’s production of Are You Now… Directed by Anton Rodgers while Peter Whitman was away and you were super .Glad to see you are still doing well. ps. Still remember your work in Saturday Night at The National
    , Bob Sheedy

    • david graham says:

      Dear Bob Nice to hear from you and thanks for the kind words on my effort in Are You Now. I subsequently toured with Anton in The Front Page in Australia. Sad that he is no longer with us. Are you still active? Hope you are well. I am still heavily involved in voice work. Keeps me young. Sort of.

      All the best David

  • Stephen says:

    Dear David,

    I just had to drop you a few lines to say a huge thanks to you for taking the time to speak to me and my son at the Sci Fi convention Scarborough this weekend. I have always been a big fan of your work and so to finally meet you was a dream come true. The fact that you were so gracious and courteous just made the whole experience magical. I’ll always cherish this memory and can’t thank you enough. Wishing you continued health and happiness, take care and best wishes, Stephen

  • Paul Goodwin says:

    Hi david me and my son joseph came and met you today at sci fi scarborough he wasn’t sure who you were till you mentioned that you did the voices of grandad pig and the wise old elf. His face lit up then he watches those shows regularly. Im looking forward to introducing him to Parker in the new thunderbirds series. I just want to say thankyou for our signed Parker photo you did for Joseph and that you are a true gentleman. It was lovely to meet you.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Paul It was nice to meet you and your delightful son last weekend. Glad that he is a fan. Hope he enjoys the new series of Thunderbirds Are Go. Thanks for your message.

      Best wishes David

  • Hi David

    It was great to spend time with you at Sci-Fi Scarborough and thank you for singing my action figures of your character.

    I look forward to seeing you soon, maybe at Brit SciFi and maybe closer to homes as we are not far from each other.

    Best wishes

    David Limburg
    Sante Claus & FCD Events
    07951 447 353

  • Hi David,

    Good afternoon, I hope you’re very well.

    I am writing to invite you to be our VIP Guest at the launch of a brand new exhibition – The Story of Children’s TV from 1946 to the Present.
    The Exhibition is opening at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry on Thursday 21st May from 6.30pm – 9pm.

    With the original Thunderbirds celebrating 50 years this year and with the new version about to be launched, we would love to be your hosts at our exhibition launch.

    My phone number is 02476 234295, could we have a chat about you possibly being our guest?

    Thank you in anticipation David, have a very pleasant evening.

    My kindest regards,
    Clive P Skelhon

  • Mike Corrie says:

    Hi David,
    I just like to say I loved the early G Andersons ..works Four Feathers, Supercar (especially) and others FB XL5 …As a fan I know you did vocals on most of the early stuff. Now I do a Vintage Rock n Roll radio show here in Manchester..yes near Granada TV …and. Call myself Mike Zodiac ..paying homage to Steve ..if you find time to lesten to my shows ??.then type Mike Zodiac on google or http://www.mixcloud.com .I would love you to do a radio phone in ?? .We are a community radio station based in Manchester so please bare this in mind .Kind Regards Mike Zodiac

  • Paul Jenkins says:

    Dear David

    I have just watched thunderbirds are go with my 4 year old. What a delight, in an instant Marvel have been cast aside and he is an International Rescue convert…..what can I say… FAB. Delighted so many of the original touches ….such as the folding / bouncing Coconut trees on Thunderbird 2 runway. A very special and nostalgic hour of television.

    All the best


    P.S. I did not realise until today that Parker had been hiding out as Peppa Pig’s Grandfather all this time 🙂

    • david graham says:

      Dear Paul Thanks for your warm message and welcome to to my new 4 year old fan. Glad that you enjoyed the new Thunderbirds. They have commissioned a new series which we start recording this month. Glad to be aboard and still working.

      Best wishes David

  • Kenny stewart says:

    Hi met you in the late eighties in birmigham I would like to know if you could come on my radio show its a community radio on a Tuesday at 7 pm I play Elvis Presley music and I have a slot no we talk to people over the phone if you could let me know thank you kenny Stewart

  • Hay David
    Thanks for sending me a signature it is much appreciated so in recognition of that I was wondering if you like to come round for dinner you have my address and phone number. Anytime it up to
    Best wishes

  • Dear David.

    I would love to find out if you would have any interest in travelling to Australia for a convention event. If you do have any interest I would love to hear from you via email to discuss the possibility. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Darren Roweth
    Culture shock Events

    • david graham says:

      Dear Darren Thanks for your enquiry and interest. Although still active I am in my late eighties and Australia of which I have fond memories as I toured there with our National Theatre in the 1970’s is a long trip. Let me know what it would entail. Time of year dates etc., and i will give it some consideration.

      Regards David

  • Dear David, I hope you are well. I work for a television production company in London and would urgently like to see if you would like to be involved in some filming next week! I think it may well be something you’d be very interested in being involved with. Please drop me an email when you can so I can provide more information. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Wishes, Gemma

  • Robert Oxford says:

    Dear Sir, I am a big fan living in the United States and would love information concerning purchasing an autographed photo. Might you be able to help me facilitate such a request. Thank you very much and my very best to you.

  • Brogan Wilson says:

    Dear David,
    I am writing to tell you how much it would mean to me if I had the opportunity to meet you in person. Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th July 2015, I’m going to a convention called London Film and Comic Con presented by Showmasters. It will be held at the Olympia. I know you’ve attended to one of their events in 2013, but unfortunately I didn’t know about Showmasters then. It would be amazing to meet you and get your autograph.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Kind regards


    • david graham says:

      Dear Brogan Thanks for your message. I don’t know if I shall be attending the Showmasters event in July so can’t help you at the moment. Sorry.

      Regards David Graham

  • Hi David

    Love that Parker in the new Thunderbirds is getting plenty of action and some great lines. I’ve been a Thunderbirds and Doctor Who fan for many years now. I’m just starting work on a new podcast after working on a couple of Doctor Who and Star Wars ones.

    I want to celebrate the work and legacy of Gerry Anderson on the first episode and wondered if you would have time for an interview about your life and work no matter how much off topic and of course Thunderbirds please. We have no budget, but we do always ask our guests to nominate a cause close to their hearts.

    It would be a joy to have you on.

  • Keith Foster says:

    Dear Mr. Graham,
    I have been a fan of yours since I discovered Supercar back in 1960 and became an Anderson Productions (“FAB?”) enthusiast. (I was born July 11, 1955.) Today, my granddaughter is a fan of yours too. (She’s very fond of Peppa Pig.) Many, many thanks for a fantastic and huge group of wonderful characters.

    Keith Foster
    Cumming, Georgia (USA)

    • david graham says:

      Dear Keith Thanks for your kind message and thoughts about my work. May I say snap as yesterday was my birthday so we have something in common. I am at present recording a second series of Thunderbirds are Go. Hope that you can see it at some point. Tell your granddaughter that we are recording yet another series of Peppa Pig fairly soon. I trained in New York as an actor.
      Best wishes david Graham

  • Brogan Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday David! Hope you have a lovely day and can’t wait to meet you at Blackpool Comic Con in September!

    Regards Brogan

  • Iqbal says:

    Hello, David Graham. You possess such quality and this enhances the realism of the events that occur in both Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and Peppa Pig. By the way, do you still represent the Wise Old Elf and Grandpa Pig in the two of the most appreciated children’s shows to date?

    Thank you so much David. I wish you all the best for the future.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Iqbal Thank you very much for your kind remarks about my work on the shows. It warms my heart to receive them. Hope that there will be more Peppa Pig’s on the way before too long.
      With best wishes David

  • Lynne says:

    Hi Mr Graham just wanted to say as a family we love your work from Dr Who to ben and holly with my personal favourite being Mr Gnome! Please keep up the fantastic work.xxx

    • david graham says:

      Dear Lynne So pleased that my work finds favour with you and that you like the Gnome. I don’t often get the chance to play gluttons and when I do I gobble it up! Hope that there will be another lot of Peppa Pig’s ere long.

      With best wishes David

  • Mark Dawson says:

    Dear David,

    We met September 2015 at Comic-Con Blackpool. I was the photographer and we spoke briefly about my time In Iraq and Afghanistan and your time in the RAF. I was hugely inspired by not only your career in TV, radio and film etc but by your service to our country. As i am still battling and coming to terms with my injury and PTSD I still struggle to find goo work and if I had a dream job it would be voice actor! as I have such a dynamic range and enjoy doing voices.. If you ever find the time to get in touch please do I would love to hear any advice or wisdoms you have on the industry and any help to a fellow veteran would always be appreciated and of course if you ever need a photographer or even some one to share a pot of tea with and talk about your time in Bomber Command i would be honoured.

    Take care, Mark Dawson

    • david graham says:

      Dear Mark Thank you for your message and comments on my long career. I hope that your PTSD is getting better. As regards your desire to become a voice actor. My voice work is but a part of my life as an actor which encompassed theatre television and film. The profession has always been overcrowded and i would advise you not to attempt a leap into the unknown. I would try and develope your photographic work in which you are obviously skilled. Sorry that i cannot be more helpful. i wish you well in the future.

      Best wishes David

  • Brogan Wilson says:

    Dear David, Can I just say it was an honour to meet you at last at Blackpool Comic Con yesterday. It was a chaotic day but well worth the journey. I hope you do Andercon next year as I will definitely be there.

    Regards and best wishes


  • Valerie graham says:

    Dear Sir, I stumbled across your website, as my brother is also David Graham! May I just remark on what an absolute gentleman you are, responding to people’s remarks and queries where others would perhaps read but not acknowledge. I will now make my brother’s day by sharing this new found knowledge!
    Bless you!

    • david graham says:

      Dear Valerie Many thanks for your kind note. I always try and reply to appreciative messages. One of the rewards of being an actor is to realise how much one’s work means to people. It is both touching and humbling.

      Best wishes David

  • Sue Whatley says:

    Hi David. It was great looking after you today at the London Film Convention at Central Halls. If you would like any copies of the photos that were taken today of all of us please email me and I will send them. If my email address doesn’t show on here then Andy or Gareth can give it to you. Take care my dear. Kisses, Sue xx

  • Sean Winship says:

    Dear David,

    I’m an American living in rural Japan. I have a five year old daughter, Aliénor, I’ve been working hard to raise bi-lingual. As I’m the only native English speaker around children’s TV shows have been a great help. Her favorites by far are Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. She is so into them that when she speaks English some words have distinctly English pronunciation.

    I really enjoy watching them together with her and I enjoy your performances in particular. I have a passion for gardening and DIY so Grampa Pig and the Wise Old Elf are naturally my favorite characters. The writers certainly deserve credit but your outstanding vocal performance really brings it together.

    Enough of my babble. What I want to say is thank you for your magnificent performances and thank you for being a vital part of my daughter’s ability to speak English.

    Is there a way to get a signed picture of the Wise Old Elf? I will happily pay for the required shipping, Japan is quite far.

    Thank you again.
    Kind regards,
    Sean Winship

    • david graham says:

      Dear Sean Many thanks for your kind message and effusive praise on my efforts in Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. One of the joys of being an actor is being able to entertain and make people happy especially children. Does she watch Thunderbirds are Go in which I am also involved as the voice of Parker? We are currently recording 52 more episodes of Peppa Pig so tell your little girl that there’s more on the way. If you will send my your address I will send a a photo of myself. Afraid I don’t have one of the Wise Old Elf. So it will have to be second best.

      Best wishes and Sayanara David Graham

  • Marcus Mee says:

    What made you add the second syllable to Nanny “Per-lumb”?

    • david graham says:

      Dear Marcus Actors sometimes do something by instinct so I thought that”Per= Lumb” fitted in well with The Wise Old Elf’s running verbal battle with Nanny Plumb and I think it works.

      Seasons Greetings David Graham

  • I am really struggling to find out if I can lay my hands on your wonderful stage adaptation of Victoria Wood’s Dinner Ladies. I am with a highly respected amateur theatre group and are extremely keen to have the opportunity to perform the show. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be fantastic. Thank you.

  • Brogan Wilson says:

    Dear David, would it be possible for you to wish me a happy 21st birthday for Saturday the 9th April please. I am such a huge fan of Thunderbirds and Brains has got to be my favourite character from the series. Hearing from you would make my day.

    Many thanks


    • david graham says:

      Dear Brogan Sorry that this is a bit late. Very many happy returns on your 21st birthday. Hope that you have a great future ahead of you. I was in Los Angeles when your message arrived at an event.

      Best wishes David

  • Geoff Bowman says:

    Dear Mr. Graham

    Just wanted to thank you for the joy you provide every morning for my two year old son and me as we watch Grandpa Pig and the Wise Old Elf in action. Your work is being thoroughly enjoyed here in the South West wine country of Western Australia – amazing how small the world has become.

    Kind regards

    Geoff and Lynton (2 year old)

    • david graham says:

      Dear Geoff and Lynton Please to hear that I am high in the joy stakes with you and your son.

      Giving pleasure is a great part of an actors life. Hope to raise a glass of your Western Australia wine sometime.

      Best wishes form David Grandpa Pig and The Wise Old Elf

  • Brad Richards says:

    Dear David: I am a big fan of your voice work. I have greatly enjoyed all the voices you have done on the Gerry Anderson puppet shows. I’m glad I own many of them on DVD. You have an amazing vocal range. Would it be possible to purchase an autographed photo from you, preferably Parker from Thunderbirds? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much and take care!

    Sincerely, Brad Richards

  • Thomas Hall says:

    Dear David,

    I have a letter and autograph request that I’d like to send you but I have had now luck finding an address, do you have an address that I can use?

    Thank you

    Thomas Hall

    • david graham says:

      Dear Thomas If you send a letter and autograph request to David Graham c/o Babble Voices Media Village 131-151 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 5BB I will do the necessary.

      Regards David

  • Clara says:

    Dear Mr Graham,

    A big thanks for being the voice of smart panties (as nanny Plum would say), the gnome and Grandpa Pig. It makes me laugh every morning despite the rush of getting my three year old son ready. A truly great job!


  • Edwyn Gerrard-Abbott says:

    Dear Mr Graham,

    I would like to ask whether you sign memorabilia etc. I own a complete Thunderbirds puzzle which is framed and I was wondering whether you could sign it as it has all the characters including Gordon Tracy, Brains and Parker.

    Edwyn Gerrard-Abbott

  • Ian says:

    Hi David, just came across your website, kudos on having it and taking time to reply to folk too! I had no idea you still were busy with shows but a talent like yours clearly shouldn’t go to waste and you obviously enjoy the ‘work’ so long may it continue! I mainly just wanted to say your voices of Brains and Parker were totally awesome and added a great deal to the whole Thunderbirds entity so thankyou for helping make my childhood awesome! Best wishes to you and your family.

    Ian 🙂

  • david graham says:

    Dear Ian Have just come across your kind message and wanted to how pleased I am that I was able to add to the gaiety of your childhood. I am still recording the voice of Parker for the new Thunderbird series Thunderbirds are Go.

    Seasons Greeting and a Happy New Year. David

  • David Steers says:

    Dear David,
    I have lately been enjoying watching all four series of ‘When the Boat Comes In’ on DVD. I was very impressed by your two performances (in different series) as Kaganovich and Morty Black. Both are very powerful roles and are so different that I didn’t realise it was the same actor until I looked you up! Not only that I discovered that I have been enjoying your work as an actor and in voice-over acting all my life – from ‘Supercar’ onwards including ‘Dr Who’ and so much more. I was delighted to find this excellent website too and just wanted to thank you.
    Could I ask did you enjoy making ‘When the Boat Comes In’ all those years ago? I have enjoyed watching it recently.
    With every good wish,

    • david graham says:

      Dear David Thank you for appreciating my work down the years. When the Boat Comes In does take me back. I knew the write and creator of the series well James Mitchell and he wrote lovely parts for me and I enjoyed playing them. I have also been fortunate in the opportunities offered to me on the voice front which has enabled me to enjoy a varied career.
      We have just begun to record a 3rd series of Thunderbirds Are Go. I send you cordial Seasons Greetings.


  • David Double says:

    Dear Mr Graham

    May I say that it’s wonderful to see Thunderbirds back on our screens! I very much enjoyed the original series back in the 60’s as a young boy. Now my 8 year old is as enthusiastic with the new show. Parker has always been my favourite character, and now it’s Joshua’s, my son. Thank you for such great entertainment!

    Please would you mind sending my boy a signed photo? It would make his day !!(and mine)

    My address is:

    7 Agincourt Close
    St Leonards on sea
    East Sussex
    TN37 7QL

    Thanking you in anticipation…

    Best wishes

    Yours sincerely

    David Double

    • david graham says:

      Dear David Thank you for your warm message regarding my work on the new Thunderbirds series. I am pleased that you and Joshua like my character of Parker. As a matter of fact he was Gerry Anderson’s favourite favourite too. I will post off a picture to your son with pleasure. May I wish send you both best wishes for Xmas and the New year.

      David Graham

      • David DOUBLE says:

        Dear Mr Graham

        Thank you so much for the signed photos that we received today. It was very kind of you!

        With best wishes for Christmas and the new year!

        The Double family

  • Nic Dean says:

    Dear David Graham
    I am a freelance picture researcher currently working on a publication connected to Gerry Anderson productions.
    I have been asked to source a photograph of you but have not been able to find one on any picture agency sites. Would you be able to provide a portrait of yourself for use in the work please?
    Many thanks.
    Best wishes,
    Nic Dean

  • John Williams says:

    My 12 year-old grandson, Jack Williams, a 6th Grade student at an intermediate school in the Houston area where I reside since retiring from NASA, and has introduced me to the Dr. Who series recently and has spoken glowingly of your role as a voice actor in that series and has shown me film clips of your role as a Dalek. You did a great job in portraying a sinister alien. Would you please send him a personal note via my e-Mail address and a personalized autograph if possible. His mailing address is: Jack Williams, 502 Heathgate Dr., Houston, Texas 77062 USA if this is useful to you. We would be most happy to remit to you any costs involved. Thank you for your kindness in doing this for him. John B. Williams

    • david graham says:

      Dear John Thanks for your message. I will send a picture and autograph to your grandson and thank him for his interest in my work. Maybe one day he will carry on with your work in space. There will be no charge for this and I will mail hime in the near future. I hope that you are having a happy retirement.

      With best wishes to you and Jack David

  • Ian Higgs says:

    we are holding a Charity Film & TV Convention at Elstree Film Studios on the 30th of September
    to raise money for the national autistic society.

    would like to invite you to attend as one of our celebrity to sign autographs and maybe even do Q & A talk.

    if you are interested please email me with your requirement

    really looking forward to your reply

  • Dan Griffin says:

    Hello there David,

    Firstly can I say that its an honour to be able to communicate with someone who influenced my childhood through thunderbirds, and now, as time passes you are an amazing influence to my own children, my son James, through the new (and older) Thunderbirds and my daughter Lucy as the wise old elf and grandpa pig.

    I would like to know if its not too much trouble, could you send them both an autograph character shot so they can have a keepsake of their favourite childhood TV characters.

    My address is 4 Mulberry close, Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7 1UL.

    many many thanks for your time,

    Dan Griffin, A lifelong Thunderbirds fan.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Dan Many thanks for your warm message about the pleasure that my efforts to entertain have given you and your children. It makes it all worthwhile. There are more Thunderbirds Are Go and Peppa Pig in the pipeline. I am posting a couple of signed pics to you.
      Best wishes David

  • Amanda Risk says:

    Dear David, I have enjoyed looking over your website and learning more about your breadth of work.

    I have been wanting to write to you for some time, to tell you how much joy I have received from your recent work, Wise Old Elf in particular. I started to watch the show in Australia (with my children…although sometimes just on my own) and fell in love with it pretty quickly.

    Then we moved to The Netherlands a few years ago, and although Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is on the TV here, it is dubbed, which takes all the fun/ and funniness out of it I am afraid (even though the Dutch actors do a good job). So then we took to watching the English episodes on the internet. It has not been any easy time moving to the other side of the world (away from family), but listening to the Wise Old Elf always brings me comfort, as he reminds me both of my dear father and also my dear Grandmother (each for different reasons). And it is the subtle things that I love the most. Like a certain tone, or crack in your voice, that makes it so special. For example when you are telling the Elf King to “throw the acorn away”. I have watched some episodes many times (perhaps too many). I used to do voice-over work many years ago, and I understand the work that goes into it. And you are a master of your craft.

    I will continue to watch Wise Olf Elf for many many years to come. Thank you and kindest regards, Amanda

    • david graham says:

      Dear Amanda Many thanks for your message and kind words about my work on Ben and Holly. It a pity that the series is dubbed into Dutch especially as most people speak good English in Holland. By the way I have a cousin living in Amsterdam. The Wise Old Elf is a lovely character to bring to life. Many years ago I toured Australia with our National Theatre and enjoyed the experience. I am busy working on other series such Thunderbirds Are Go Peppa Pig and Dr Who.
      I wish you happy watching David

  • Megan Wright says:

    Hello David,

    I am writing to you, firstly, to thank you for the role you played in thunderbirds. I am 16 years old and while growing up, my father and I both loved watching thunderbirds. I would like to thank you for creating this bond between my father and I.

    I was wondering, if this is not too much of a hassle, if it would be possible to get a signed photo of you/ Parker as a gift for my Father. I would love to give this to my father as a father’s day gift or Birthday present as if would mean the world to my Father (Gary) so have a memory to hold from you. I do understand this might be too much to ask but if at all possible i would be entirely grateful.

    My address is:
    17 Hawthorne Road, Ferryhill, County Durham, DL17 8DP

    Again, i am forever grateful for the role you played in bringing my father and i close together. To this day he still loves watching an episode!

    Many thanks, Megan Wright.

    • david graham says:

      Dear Megan Sorry for the delaying replying to your message. I’m pleased that you enjoy watching Thunderbirds. We are now recording the 3rd series of the remake Thunderbirds Are Go which I hope that you are enjoying. I will send you a picture in the post for your Father and that my work has brought you closer together. A nice reward for me and a vindication of my talent.

      With best wishes to you both David

  • Lisa Downs says:

    Hi David
    I hope you are well. I was wondering the best place to speak with you, either email, phone or an agent of yours. I am working on a feature documentary about Flash Gordon and would like to run something past you.
    I hope you don’t mind my not asking on this forum,
    I look forward to your reply
    warm regards


  • Hi David, Would you be able to contact me at chris@thatsentertainmentproductions.co.uk or 07803 050714 as I am producing the debut Childrens TV Legends Cruise in October and would love to invite you on board to be part of it along with other Childrens TV celebs. Thanks. Chris Gidney

  • Ryan McGivern says:

    Dear David,

    Just thought to write to say how much I appreciate your work in the acting world. Must admit I was surprised to discover that you voiced both Brains and Parker in ‘Thunderbirds’ as both of them are my favorite characters, I even own a small figure of Parker that I like to display which gets a lot of comments from my friends.

    I also liked your work on ‘Doctor Who’ and your appearances in ‘When The Boat Comes In’. Particularly when you played Professor Kerensky in ‘City of Death’.

    I am aware that you are attending a Doctor Who event this Saturday about Missing Episodes, I shall look forward to meeting you in person there.

    Best Wishes,

  • Ryan McGivern says:

    Dear David,

    It was a pleasure to meet you briefly at the Missing Who event last Saturday. I have been a fan of the works of Gerry Anderson most of my life, my father introduced me to the likes of Fireball XL5 and Thunderbirds. To be honest my favourite characters of Thunderbirds are Parker and Brains, the latter of which I only just recently found out you voiced as well as Parker.

    As a rather young fan of classic television I’ve become more interested in your work as I have seen you appear in shows such as Doctor Who and When The Boat Comes In, the latter of which helped me in my university studies studying creative writing. I do continue my writing degree mainly in the field of Radio Drama.

    I wish you all the best in your continuing work.


    Ryan McGivern

    • david graham says:

      Dear Ryan Thanks for your message and am pleased that my work has given you so much pleasure. I am at present recording the 3rd series of Thunderbirds Are Go and this week recorded an audio version of Dr Who called Static which will be out in the autumn. I hope that when you have your degree in creative writing you will write me a good part in a Radio Drama. I too wish you success in you future career.

      Best wishes David

  • Jim fitzpatrick says:

    Hi david love your work
    Could you please tell me how i can contact you to ask for a signed photo

  • Brogan Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday David! Hope you’ve had a great day.


  • Bill Everatt says:

    Belated Birthday Greetings David! – Wishing you Many Happy Returns of the Day.

  • Pauline Spencer says:

    Is it possible to get an autograph of you for my husband? he’s having a bad time with his Multiple Sclerosis at the moment, and i know it would cheer him up



  • Barbara Graham says:

    Dear David, I am a cousin visiting from the US, SF Bay Area. I know your sister, Ruth, who was very close to my parents, Bernie and Irene Graham. I’m a writer staying in Highgate for the next three weeks. I would love to meet you for tea during my stay. Please write to my email address, bsgraham@mac.com

    Many thanks,
    Barbara Graham

  • Tanzeem says:

    Hi David, it’s Tanzeem. I played a character alongside you in the Golem of Princelet Street. It would be wonderful if we could catch up after so many years. So much to share!

  • Lorrie Cherie says:

    Do you realize how much you are loved?

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Lorrie Of all the messages I have received on my website yours has touched me the
      most. Over a long career I have tried my best to display all the talents I have to try and
      give pleasure to people in the fractured world we live in. It is nice to know that it has all
      been worthwhile.

      With best wishes David

  • Ben sharpe says:

    Hi David
    Hope you are well. I went to the comic con event today in Bournemouth and was gutted to find out that you had cancelled due to work commitments. Nevertheless I saw Matt Zimmerman and Shane rimmer and they were truly lovely gentlemen. When speaking to Shane and his wife, they said to get hold of you on here to see if you would kindly be able to sign a few photos that I have of you at home. If you are able to I would send an SAE so that there is no cost on your behalf.
    Hope you are able to help
    Kind regards

  • Craig Johnson says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the time I had with you this morning chatting at the Fanderson event. (I am the police officer that bought you the bottle of water) I just wanted to tell you that I have made a charity donation as we discussed in your name. Thank you again. Kind regards. Craig

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Craig Thanks for your message. It was nice to meet you at the event and have a chat.
      Also to let you know that I appreciate the work and service you and your wife give to the
      community. Thanks for the water you bought me and I wish you a happy retirement.

      Best wishes David

  • Craig Johnson says:

    As a footnote to my above post and your reply I sent you an email to your gmail address I hope you received it ok.
    Kind regards

  • James O'Leary says:

    Hi David.
    First off I want to ask if you might consider coming to showmasters London film and Comic con next July. I’m a big fan of thunderbirds, I love the new series ( especially since your still voicing Parker ) thunderbirds are go and i’d love to meet you.
    I belive it would be great if the surviving cast of the original thunderbirds series attended because your fellow thunderbirds actor Shane Rimmer is attending on the first day of the event and it would make many fans such as myself very happy to see you at the LFCC again. Ive only started going to conventions recently and I would love to meet a legend such as yourself and the rest of the thunderbirds Cast.

    Hows Thunderbirds are go doing ? I always watch it every time a new episode is on and I hope we can get a third season.

  • Chris Pilkington says:

    I am messaging to inquire about the possibility of David Graham chauffeuring at a wedding in Swindon on April 7th 2018.
    If possible please could you include full costs in your reply.

    • David graham says:

      Dear Chris Pilkington Am afraid that I will not be able to attend the wedding next April.

      Regards David Graham

  • Les Coote says:

    Dear Mr Graham

    I hope this message finds you well,,I have been compiling a history of my life for my family in signed pictures of people I have grown up watching on TV and from past events ,,( something I have always wanted to do but have only started over the last year ) can you help,,if I send a photo or 2 or 3 can you please sign for us to add to the collection,,I don’t like to buy from dodgey dealers on auction sites so this is the only way,, to contact direct,,would you be able to message me direct to my Email address below for details where to send,,,Regards,,,Les

  • Huw Thomas says:

    Dear Mr Graham

    I hope this message finds you well. I’m 20 and I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and in particular the 1960s and 1970s eras of it. I’ve just finished watching “The Daleks” from 1963 again – it still stands up so brilliantly. You’re loved by Doctor Who fans of all ages as I’m sure you know. I know it’s cheeky but I would love to have an autograph. If this is possible my address is 9 Ayr Street, Bath, Somerset BA2 3RJ (I’ll be moving out in June mind).

    Best wishes

  • Martin Pickles says:

    Dear David,

    It was a real pleasure to meet you today and sorry I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. My boys were very impressed when I said I had met you.

    Very best wishes,

    Martin Pickles

  • Phil says:

    Phil Nightingale
    14 Woodcutters Court

    Please excuse me emailing you, I know you are very busy at the moment, but I am currently trying to raise £10,000 for a local charity called the Enham trust(helping people with special needs).This has the full support of the trust, if you need to clarify this you can contact Liz Cosgrove on her email liz.cosgrove@enham.org.uk . This is of no cost to the charity, as it is something I am doing myself to try and enhance their donations.

    My aim to raise the money is by having an auction of celebrity items, celebrities so far that have replied are, Julio Inglesias, Michael Palin ,Steve Guttenberg Patrick Stewart, Paul Michael Glaser, David Arquette, John Travolta, to name but a few. All being well I will present the cheque to the charity once all monies have been received, this will be featured within the local press.

    If you are feeling extremely generous you could also include something personal to yourself ie :- photo, script, clothing or something really special.

    I do hope you can help with this cause as all profits will go to the charity and it would be really appreciated.

    Yours truly,
    P. Nightingale

  • David Graham says:

    Dear Phil thanks for your message and sorry for the delayed reply. I will send a picture and good

    luck with your appeal. Regards David Graham

    Let me know the address to send. My email address is dm.graham1107@gmail.com

  • Dave says:

    Hi David,

    Dave here from Ontario,Canada.

    My 2 year old Daughter Avery, (almost 3) loves Peppa and Ben and Holly’s Kingdom. We have always found your voice as Grandpa Pig so iconic and now I can’t picture anyone else voicing him. When she first saw Ben and Holly for the first time she shouted “It’s Granpa Pig!” We love both shows and have then playing almost every day here at our house. So thanks for being a part of our “family” so to speak. We enjoy it so much!
    Thanks again! Fans, from Canada.

    • David graham says:

      Dear Dave and Avery So pleased to hear that you like my work in Canada. Im at present
      recording a new series of Peppa Pig so there is lots more to enjoy I hope.

      With very best wishes David

  • Sam Chadwick says:

    Mr Graham, you may get this a lot but I’m a huge fan of your work particularly Thunderbirds and the other supermarionation shows. Although the Hood used to scare me as a child, I am now almost 18 and I’m still enjoying every moment of it. Much like your friend Gerry Anderson, Parker is my favourite character, and you can’t imagine how overjoyed I was when I found out on The One Show, that you were coming back to reprise that role in Thunderbirds Are Go. The reason why I’m leaving this comment is because I’ve previously met your partners Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman at my first visit to a convention, where I got their autographs and got a photograph taken with them, and what I’m hoping is that you can arrange for an autographed photo. So please get back to me as soon as possible, and if by any chance you know when the new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go are coming out, then that would be FAB.
    (Hello Mr Graham. I am Sams mum Amanda. Sam has aspergers and the work of Gerry Anderson is one of his greatest passions. He also has a talent for mimicry and can impersonate Parker to a ‘T’. It would mean a lot to him to have your autograph in any form. Many thanks.)

    • David Graham says:

      Dear Sam Nice to receive your message and very pleased that you enjoy the Parker voice.
      In the autumn there will be another series of Thunderbirds Are Go so you will have that to
      look forward to. My email address is dm.graham1107@gmail.com If you send me your
      address then i will post you an autographed photograph. Thanks again for getting in touch.

      Best wishes David Graham

  • Joel Turner says:

    Mr. Graham,
    Just heard your interview with Toby Hadoke on Who’s Round. Very enjoyable. A big fan of Doctor Who, and was familiar with the roles you played in City Of Death and The Gunfighters. It was a pleasure to hear more about your work and your career. Thank you.

  • Sam Chadwick says:

    Hey mr Graham this is Sam Chadwick again. First of all thank you so much for the two photographs you sent me. It really does mean a lot to me to have the autograph of the man who gave the world the voices of the Daleks and my favourite Thunderbirds character Parker, whom if I recall correctly was Gerry Anderson’s favourite too. The second reason why I’m sending you this message is because I’m growing concerned that it’s been 9 months since the last Thunderbirds Are Go episode. If you do know when the next episode comes out, then please send me a message as soon as possible. This is Sam Chadwick saying goodbye Mr Graham, whom like everyone else who was privellaged to work with Supermarionation, is truly FAB.

  • Gerard Magee says:

    Dear David,
    What a treat to hear your interview on GMB today. I always loved Thunderbirds and Parker was my favourite character, he was so polite and in many ways wise and sensible !! May I say that you are remarkable for your age, but then age is only a number. Please carry on entertaining as that is clearly a talent you posses in abundance.

    With respect and prayers for your well-being.

  • Brogan Wilson says:

    Happy belated birthday David! Hope you had a good day.

    Kind regards


  • Ben Kirkwood says:

    Dear David,

    Not sure whether you remember me, my name is Ben Kirkwood, and I was very lucky to be able to perform alongside you in “Back in Ten”.

    Can’t believe it, but that was now 11 years ago!!

    It is so lovely to see you still creating amazing work, you are a fabulous actor and I’m so happy I got to work with you at such a young age.

    I am now 19 years old, and applying to drama school next year.

    You are an inspiration!

    Sending my love,
    Ben xx

  • Ben Kirkwood says:

    Dear David,

    Not sure whether you remember me, my name is Ben Kirkwood, and I was very lucky to be able to perform alongside you in “Back in Ten”.

    Can’t believe it, but that was now 11 years ago!!

    It is so lovely to see you still creating amazing work, you are a fabulous actor and I’m so happy I got to work with you at such a young age.

    I am now 19 years old, and applying to drama school next year.

    You are an inspiration!

    Sending my love,
    Ben xx

  • jonathan bell says:

    hello David can we meet up in HAMPSTEAD WOULD REALLY LOVE TO SOON your cousin jonathan BELL NORMANS SON I can take you for a drink and a chat

  • Michael Langley says:

    Dear David,

    A Happy New Year to you.

    Amazing to find out you voiced two of my daughter’s favourite TV shows with Peppa Pig, and Ben and Holly’s Little kingdom, as well the legendary Parker from my youth, and now my son’s favourite TV show with Thunderbirds are Go.

    Just out of sheer curiosity, do you stick closely to the scripts, or do you allow a little of the inner you, to bring your character’s to life with such warmth? Parker’s phrase ‘allegedly’ is a huge favourite in our household.

    Many thanks for giving so many of us such great memories, and continued entertainment for so very long. ‘Tis a gift to be able to make people smile, and a rare one at that.

    Best Wishes

    The Langley Family – sadly, without an island to call our own.

    P.S. – Would an autographed picture to Sam and Grace, be possible?

  • Michael Langley says:

    Dear David,

    Many thanks for providing the voices for Parker and the Wise old elf, from 2 of our favourite TV shows. I was curious to know if all of Parkers lines were scripted, or did you ever ad lib a little?

    Would it be too cheeky to ask if you could sign a photograph for our kids, Sam and Grace?

    Wishing you all the best


  • Sam Chadwick says:

    Hello again Mr Graham, it’s Sam again. I’ve recently seen the finale of Thunderbirds are go season 3 and it really is as thrilling as the original. Just asking if you know whether or not there will be a season 4? Plus, I’ve started showing my new-born niece the original Thunderbirds and I think she’s starting to like it as much as I, so thanks once again for being part of one of the greatest shows of the swinging sixties.

  • Peter Morrisson says:

    Hi David. Just re-watching Time Slip and as soon as you started to speak, I thought, ‘I know that voice! Gordon Tracey … and Brains!’ And, after a quick Google search, so it was confirmed. Best wishes to you.

  • Sam Chadwick says:

    Hey Mr Graham, its Sam again. I’ve seen the finale to Thunderbirds Are Go and you and the rest of the crew continue to thrill me. Just wondering if you know wether or not there’ll be a season 4, and letting you know I’ve shown my baby niece the original Thunderbirds, and she seems to like it as much as I. So job well done on helping to make one of the greatest TV shows in history.

  • Howdy Ho !!!!!!! Welcome Home,,,,Welcome Home….(in Zoonie voice)

    pls enjoy:


    Best Regards,
    Doc Elderhead

  • George says:

    We at Bedazzle Arts would like to meet you.

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